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Looking to defer?

Australian and New Zealand students

Have you received your offer and thinking about deferring*? Thinking about having a gap year first? Did you know that Australian and New Zealand students can…

  • Enrol in just one or two subjects and make a slow start on your degree, then ramp it up when you feel ready.
  • Start in February with just one trimester and then request a Leave of Absence*. This means you still get to catch the European summer!
  • Usually only do 2 -3 days of studies per week. This means it’s possible to work and study!

Still want to apply for a deferral?

Refer to the steps laid out in the ICMS Deferral Procedure and contact your friendly ICMS Student Advisor for assistance.

International students

International students who wish to defer* their course of study to a later date should follow the steps explained in the ICMS Deferral Procedure.

Further information about international deferrals, withdrawal, deferment, suspension and cancellation of enrolment can be found on the FREQUENTLY ASKED ADMISSIONS QUESTIONS page. You might also like to refer to the ADMISSION POLICY for more specific information .


* Deferral is a delayed commencement date after an offer in a course of study has been made.
* A Leave of Absence is requesting a period away once you have started your course.