ICMS High Academic Places (HAP)

High Academic Places (HAP)

High ATAR Student?

At ICMS, we offer a number of High Academic Places (HAPs) each February intake to students who demonstrate strong academic ability, as evidenced by ATAR ranking and/or interview. HAPs are equivalent in value to a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) at a public university. The cut off varies, but historically it has moved between a 70 to 80 ATAR.

HAPs will only be offered to students who have ICMS as their 1st preference in UAC.

Note that FEE-HELP (a government loan similar to HECS-HELP) covers 100% of the remaining tuition fees for all HAPs.

HAP offers are distinct from academic offers. If students do not achieve an ATAR result required for a HAP they may still be eligible for a UAC offer through the assessment of the student’s individual HSC subject results. These direct UAC places also require students to have ICMS as their 1st preference due to the high demand for places, particularly for domestic students applying for the February intake. These students will also have access to FEE-HELP which covers 100% of their tuition fees. That means there are zero upfront tuition costs for all of our students.

What is a HAP?

  • HAP students receive a tuition fee subsidy for the duration of their course. The number of places awarded varies each intake depending on the number and quality of applicants. As a guide, in the February 2021 intake, HAP students received a tuition fee subsidy of approximately 33% per-subject. That is a saving of over $27,000 and equivalent to a CSP at a public university.
  • HAPs will be announced alongside UAC offer after ATARs are released.
  • If you received early admission to ICMS you will still need to ensure ICMS is listed as your 1st preference to be eligible for a HAP. It is both a requirement of your early admission and eligibility for a HAP.
  • HAP students may also wish to apply for a scholarship.

HAP Terms and Conditions

  • UAC account holders must ensure an ICMS course is listed as your first preference to be offered a HAP.
  • HAP places are limited and are subject to admissions approval.
  • HAP places are subject to final ATAR ranking and will be verified through the ICMS Admissions team.
  • The number of HAPs offered each intake varies depending on the number and quality of applicants.
  • HAPs cannot be deferred – students must commence their course in the February 2022 intake.
  • HAPs will be automatically applied to tuition fees upon commencement of studies in February 2022.
  • HAPs are not exchangeable, non-transferable and are not redeemable for cash.

Note: Students are still eligible to receive FEE-HELP for the remaining tuition. For more information on FEE-HELP please visit http://studyassist.gov.au/sites/StudyAssist/

For more information please contact one of our student advisors on 1800 110 490 or [email protected]