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10 Tips to Make Graduates More Employable

10 Tips to Make Graduates More Employable

February 2, 2018

As Australia’s leader of career-focused education, ICMS ensures graduate employability and work integrated learning is a focal point of our curriculum. From day one, students are encouraged and inspired to dream big and explore all opportunities available to them.

This philosophy is paramount in ensuring ICMS has one of the highest graduate employment rates in Australia, with almost 90% of our students graduating with a job in their field. ICMS is also ranked number one for Bachelor of Event Management and Bachelor of Hospitality Management in Australia, based on the longest continuous industry placement, student professionalism, work-ready students and our industry training team’s customer care.*

Improving your employability skills will help you graduate with the best prospect of securing a job in your field of study. Combine these tips with what you learn in the classroom, and you might just find yourself ahead of the pack when you graduate:

  1. Work experience: When you study at ICMS, industry experience is a requirement of your qualification. Graduates are able to highlight their practical experience giving them the makings of a fantastic resume. Industry experience is the most effective way to develop the skills you will need to succeed in your professional life.
  2. The right experience: Students are encouraged to embrace volunteer opportunities and to obtain a casual job gaining valuable experience in the workplace. These skills along with your industry training in your chosen field is a winning combination. Make sure the experience you have aligns with your future career goals. Remember you may need to start at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb.
  3. Communication is key: Emails, presentations, social media posts, monthly reports – writing effectively and for your target audience is a skill that needs to be developed. How you write is critical in communicating in the workplace and is a reflection of you as a professional. Learn to use the appropriate tone and terminology in all communication.
  4. The art of diplomacy: Treat others how they want to be treated, be respectful and appreciate other opinions.
  5. Find your own voice and make it heard: Our smaller class sizes with a focus on presentations and group assessments will develop your confidence in addressing others. Whether speaking potential clients, contributing in a team meeting or pitching an impressive idea, ICMS will give you the tools to build that confidence.
  6. Get connected: In a digitally connected world, you must be comfortable with using new technologies. Upskill in social media, know your Snapchat from your Facebook and Instagram – not just as a user, but also as a generator. As for basic office software, be the employee that knows the shortcuts and how to use programs effectively.
  7. Money management: Even if your particular role doesn’t call for an intimate knowledge of the economy, finances or budgets, be knowledgeable in these areas: it will set you apart from the rest of the pack.
  8. Networking is crucial: Broaden your network, embrace connections both professionally and personally. At ICMS you will make lifelong friends, local and international connections. Remember: although creating these networks and your social media presence can keep you connected, it also allows others access to your past interactions. Therefore, “don’t burn your bridges”.
  9. Finding the answer: There are no limits to what you can achieve if you don’t stop learning. Technology allows us access to readily available information instantaneously. If you don’t know something, don’t be scared to ask.
  10. Thicken your skin: An expert in anything was once a beginner. Accept new challenges where you may make mistakes. Learn to be resilient and accept constructive criticism. The CEO of a company started somewhere, and often the greatest business success stories were created where hard lessons were learnt.

Choosing to study at ICMS and gaining valuable industry experience will help you kick-start your career and stand out from the crowd. Industry experience is part of all ICMS qualifications and our industry partners and faculty embrace these tips, holding them front and centre when engaging with ICMS students.

ICMS has an impressive network of leading industry partners that provide invaluable insight and experience to ensure you are exposed to industry best practice.

For more information on industry experience at ICMS, click here.

*Kantar Millward Brown. Versus a set of key competitors based on n=46 leading industry brand partners of ICMS (from a list of 140 leading industry brand partners)


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