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3 Things The SRC Wants To Do in 2021

3 Things The SRC Wants To Do in 2021

April 6, 2021

The Student Representative Council (SRC) aims to build the ICMS community and improve the quality of life for all students. The SRC are a peer elected council who advocate for the student body and takes charge of events and activities. As ICMS draws in students from all over the world it is crucial for our community to be nurturing and open to all. The SRC ensures this by creating on-campus activities such as ice-breaker parties, talent shows, karaoke and cocktail events. These events bring together students through shared interests and common experiences. In addition to events, students are able to approach the SRC with any questions regarding overall academic and learning experience.

This year’s SRC President, Thomas Bramley (pictured above second left) is a former recipient of the Wellington College – Courtney-O’Connor Scholarship and is a current Courtney O’Connor Scholarship recipient. Thomas has already been exposed to the operational side of the SRC through his Vice-President role last year. Within the year of his Vice-Presidency there was a limit to the events that could be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, the council were still able to hold some fun and exciting activities for students including an ice-breaker event; ‘cards against humanity’ through the Instagram page; and an end-of-year barbecue; as well as community Zoom sessions for students to chat and engage online.

These are the top three priorities for the ICMS SRC in 2021:

1. Contribute to an Engaging Student Experience

During 2020, ICMS students weren’t able to engage much with each other face-to-face in either classes or SRC events. This year it is a priority for the SRC to reconnect the student body through a series of events as well as maintaining the support of students completing distance learning whether they are domestic or international. “We really want to focus on reengaging the student body after the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Thomas.

It is generally rare for first year students to join the SRC however, this year the council elected three first-year students Sarah Brown, Isabella Cabral and Annique Aniere to join them. All three students began their studies in the February 2021 trimester and are currently living in on-campus accommodation. In the 2021 Scholarship Ceremony all three received ICMS Professional Scholarships.

“I decided to apply for the SRC as I wanted to bring my event planning skills to the table and help organise fun events for the students of ICMS after the year of 2020. I am excited for the future of the SRC in 2021 as we have an amazing team that I am super excited to work with and make memorable events for everyone throughout the year” said Sarah (pictured left).

SRC Events Coordinator Annique (pictured right) agreed that active involvement in the student community is important, especially for new students. “Coming from Perth, a city where everyone is extremely connected, I really wanted to help a similar sense of community here at ICMS. I love meeting new people and thrive in social settings which inspired me to apply for the SRC in organising events. My role working alongside the lovely Sarah, is to heighten ICMS student’s uni experience making their college years one to remember!”

Isabella (pictured second from the right), who is studying a Bachelor of Business, feels the SRC will help her organise memorable experiences for her fellow students and she very much looks forward to collaborating with the SRC team. “I felt this was a great opportunity to invest in the student experience and advocate for others.”

The SRC consists of both international and domestic students and due to the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic some students are still in their home country rather than studying at the sandstone ‘castle on the hill’. Still, in her home country of South Africa, Samantha Hardiman has been continuing her online study through Zoom. She has also sustained her membership within the SRC and sharing of her ideas to ensure ICMS maintains a positive and friendly environment for all students. “We are very much looking forward to welcoming her – and all the international students – back into the country when borders re-open,” said Thomas.

The Community Contribution Scheme is one run by the SRC and rewards one or two students each academic term, these students are ones who go above and beyond to volunteer at the college, including contributing in student experience events such as O-Week, sports and organising fundraising events.

2. Create a Self-Sufficient Financial Base

The SRC has put an emphasis on increasing the involvement of the student body through various activities, however to do this successfully it is vital to have a strong and independent financial platform to base planning from. This would positively impact the ICMS community and allow for larger scale future events such as student run welcoming parties, to be run by the SRC. In addition, a secure financial position and student body presence would build a basis for the continuation and continuous improvement of the SRC, meaning there would be a seamless transition for all members. With the current President due to be graduating in August, the next election will be held in the May term and is to be elected to begin in the September trimester.

3. Enhance the Career Opportunities Through Feedback

By being open to regular feedback and improvements, the SRC aim to enhance the student experience at ICMS by sharing information, ideas or activities that would be relevant not only to student’s personal lives but also their educational paths. This could be done by contributing to the Work Integrated Learning team with creating networking activities with industry partners and alumni as well as sharing around relevant placement/industry information that would benefit the student body. “We want to help create a great overall student experience as feedback is an important element to this,” said Thomas.

The 2021 SRC members are:

  • Thomas Bramley (President) – Australia
  • Caitlin Llyod – Australia
  • Samantha Hardiman – South Africa
  • Emanuel Chow (Vice President)– Australia/China
  • Sarah Brown – Australia
  • Annique Aniere – Australia
  • Isabella Cabral – Australia