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ANZ Scholarship Winner Thanks ICMS for Opportunities

ANZ Scholarship Winner Thanks ICMS for Opportunities

November 27, 2017

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) graduate Andrew MacGregor recently paid tribute to the enormous impact studying at ICMS, and winning the ANZ Scholarship in 2015, has had on his life.

“The impact that the ANZ Bank Scholarship I received, and ICMS in general, has had on me has been huge,” MacGregor said in a speech delivered at the ICMS Dean’s List Ceremony last month, held at the Northern Beaches campus in Manly, NSW.

MacGregor highlighted how his journey at ICMS – from which he graduates this year with a Bachelor of Business Management – had exceeded his expectations in terms of the opportunities offered while studying, and the networking potential he experienced along the way.

“Without gaining the ANZ Scholarship I would not have had the opportunity to work within ANZ’s Corporate Banking as a young intern, which has undoubtedly given me a huge career advantage. It also allowed me access to industry connections with senior individuals within the bank that nobody else my age would have had access to,” he said.

“I would really like to make a special mention and thanks to Ann Whitelock Courtney-O’Connor, the Chairperson of the ICMS Professional Scholarship Program.”

For Whitelock Courtney-O’Connor, students taking the opportunities offered through the ICMS Scholarship Program and building on them to achieve their full potential is what the program is all about.

“To create, build and maintain a scholarship program, without losing its fairness and credibility, is a large investment of time and diligence,” she said.

“When I learn about the tangible significance they can have on effecting change for good in people’s lives, there’s nothing better than that.”

MacGregor is currently completing an internship with Ferrier Hodgson in Sydney while studying part-time a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Accounting and Finance taught through the London School of Economics (LSE).

“Next year I am either intending to take up a graduate program or travel to London and undertake some of my studies on campus and follow it up by working in London through an internship with an investment bank or large consultancy firm. … Without the ANZ internship and the academic environment at ICMS I don’t believe I would have been accepted for my second degree through the LSE, which has also opened doors for me and furthered my career prospects.”

During his undergraduate studies at ICMS, MacGregor was given the opportunity to study abroad this year in Cologne, Germany, through the prestigious Erasmus Scholarship. Along with the cultural experience and exposure to the global economic community, he was able to complete an International Business Certificate through the International School of Management, Germany.

“While this all reads as some sort of standard list of achievements it is important to note that if I were to take away the decision to apply for an ICMS Scholarship it is very doubtful that I would have done any of this,” MacGregor said.

“More likely, I would have accepted an offer at a public university and been another number. Sure, I still would have had the drive to achieve more but whether relevant opportunities would have presented themselves to me outside of ICMS is doubtful.”

MacGregor added: “I don’t believe that everyone who chooses to study at any institution, let alone ICMS, will automatically flourish but if you’re the type of person to go for the opportunities and immerse yourself in what is out there you will be able to see what is on offer. This has certainly been true for me. I would like to take the opportunity to thank ICMS for these opportunities.”

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