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Be a Rainmaker – Make Marketing your Career

Be a Rainmaker – Make Marketing your Career

October 14, 2018

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) Marketing Vice President Stephen Dally shares six reasons why marketing is a great career to pursue.

Be a rainmaker

To master lead generation and consumer interest is a powerful thing. It’s like making it rain, being a rain maker. If you are a master at creating leads you will always be valuable to a company. This is why marketing makes the world go round; it’s all about understanding people, how they think and how to entice them. Understanding the key motivators of people is at the core of marketing and that is why it is so exciting. Skilful marketers always have a loud voice at the decision making table of any organisation.

Harness your creativity and make beautiful things

Have you ever made something and then stood back and felt a deep sense of accomplishment? That’s the feeling you can get in a marketing career every day. The world is a busy place and it’s hard to get your message to stand out. Marketers are skilful at creating assets that cut through all the noise and that touch the minds of people. Marketing is for creative thinkers, for people who want to make something beautiful and who can then stand back and see how these things they created affects the world around them. Messages and stories through websites, adverts, apps and print media are just a few examples of the creations marketers can use to bring their vision to life. A person who can mix beauty with business solutions will be a successful marketer and if you are creative and interested in business then marketing might be right for you.

Lead the conversation

Marketing is moving forward at a fast pace and to be a successful marketer you have to be moving forward faster than the world around you. It’s this fast pace that often makes all sectors look to marketers for advice on vision, purpose, leadership and technology as these are the key ingredients for growth and success. Marketing and brand strategy sets the tone and direction for an organisation and, if done right, have the power to change human behaviour and influence culture.

Always something new to learn, never boring

Being a marketer will never be boring; the industry is constantly evolving and there is always something new to learn. Just when you think you have mastered one skill, a new topic will present itself and a new area will need mastering. The world of marketing has changed dramatically over the past decade. Social media, websites, mobile apps, digital channels and the way we personalise content and tell stories has all dramatically changed the way we create consumer interest and sell a product. The person who wants to be in career where there is always something new to learn will thrive in the marketing industry.

Get  Noticed

Marketers are in the business of creating awareness in the public space.  This is an art and takes a lot of practice.  However, the rewards of this is that your work and efforts get noticed.  It give me great joy when someone comments that they saw an ICMS advert on TV or on a bus, or when someone I don’t really know finds out I work in the Marketing department at ICMS says that they have heard a lot about ICMS or read an article in the paper about recent success at the college. This means our Marketing department has delivered on getting a positive message about ICMS to the broader community. Good marketing gets noticed and this gives the marketer great joy and a sense of pride in what they do.

Measure your results

Good marketers enjoy this key element of the industry: that their results can be measured. Ever done something great and no one believes what you did and there is no way to prove it?  In the marketing world, every effort can be measured. Measurements include clicks on an advert, number of leads, cost per clicks, website traffic or business growth and sales.  All of these items are directly affected by a marketer’s efforts and skill. It’s very rewarding to get scientific about the numbers and make adjustment to the marketing activities to enhance the KPIs marketers are held to.  It’s a great day when you can report on marketing activities and back up your efforts with the numbers that make an organisation breath and grow. Equally, in a bad season you can use the science of marketing to minimise wastage and decline.

If this piques your interest, why not study a Bachelor of Business Management with subjects specialising in Marketing and New Media at ICMS? This qualification will give you everything you need to be successful and professionally fulfilled in the fast paced and fascinating world of marketing. Marketing is a fantastic career that will keep you passionate about what you do.  It’s ever changing but also the life blood to all organisations making your career and function valuable to any organisation. It’s creative and easy to measure and it’s a career that is at the spear head of the direction of all organisations, making you highly employable both in Australia and abroad.

For more information on the ICMS BBM with subjects specialising in Marketing and New Media, click here:


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