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Breaking the Stigma: ICMS Student Advisor Wins Book Awards for Sharing Her Story

Breaking the Stigma: ICMS Student Advisor Wins Book Awards for Sharing Her Story

May 1, 2024

Alice Martin, ICMS Academic Advisor at the Student Success Centre, and her mother, Sarah Martin, have worked together to talk about mental health.

Their book “Dear Psychosis: a story of hope and love through a family’s journey of mental health” not only won awards worldwide but also gives hope to those dealing with similar issues.

Recently, Alice and Sarah went to a conference and book awards event in Bellingham, Washington State.

There, they won first prize for their book in the Chanticleer International Book Awards, recognising their story about overcoming challenges related to mental health.

“Dear Psychosis” also received recognition at the Goody Business & Book Awards, winning in the self-help memoir category and a runner-up in health & psychology.

These awards show how their story is making a difference in reducing the stigma around mental health.

Reaching a wider audience

After being interviewed on ABC Radio National for the first time since their book “Dear Psychosis” came out, Alice and Sarah caught the eye of SANE, a top mental health organization in Australia.

Impressed by their passion and influence, Alice and Sarah are now peer ambassadors for SANE, showing their strong dedication to promoting awareness and reducing the stigma around mental health.

Mental Health Matters

Alice bravely shares her experiences with mental health issues like psychosis and bipolar disorder because she believes it’s crucial to talk openly about mental health without shame.

She feels fortunate to have the support to share her story and hopes it will encourage others to do the same.

Sarah shares Alice’s passion for advocacy, aiming for their book to spark conversations everywhere.

The book tells the story of Alice’s mental health crisis in 2015 while traveling, where Sarah had to rush to help her in Turkey.

Their story shows the strength of family bonds during tough times and encourages others to seek support and speak out about mental health struggles.

Normalising Mental Health challenges

In her role as Academic Advisor at the Student Success Centre at ICMS, Alice’s openness and sharing about her own past experiences with mental health struggles makes it easier for students going through similar things to talk about their own challenges.

Being there for students at ICMS, Alice gives them hope, support, and someone who understands what they’re going through as they manage their studies and mental health.

To learn more about Alice and Sarah Martin’s journey, you can also watch their interview with THE PROJECT here.