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Celebrity Actor Jeff Goldblum in ICMS Graduate’s Menulog Campaign

Celebrity Actor Jeff Goldblum in ICMS Graduate’s Menulog Campaign

September 1, 2017

ICMS Master Of International Business Graduate Vanessa Reinmuth Drives Business To Over 9800 Restaurants And Over 3 Million Customers In Her Role At Menulog, Australia And New Zealand’s Largest Online Food Ordering And Delivery Platform.

Vanessa Reinmuth, Germany

Master of International Business, 2016

Marketing Coordinator at Menulog, Australia and New Zealand

Q: What Is Your Current Role? Outline Your Professional Experience.

I am the Marketing Coordinator at Menulog, Australia and New Zealand’s largest online food ordering and delivery platform. In my role, I support the entire marketing function, with a focus on digital and social media, across various projects and campaigns. Our aim is to drive value and business for more than 9,800 restaurant partners across the region and build our customer database, which is currently sitting at just under three million people!

Much of my role is developing content for various channels, to raise awareness of the Menulog brand and, ultimately, to drive business for our restaurant partners.

As Marketing Coordinator I manage a video content series to promote key restaurant partners, which includes development, production, release and promotion of case study videos across our social platforms. I am responsible for managing the Menulog blog, which aims at driving further traffic to the site and creating a brand personality for Menulog.

A big part of my role is also to closely work with our internal finance team to track and report on our multimillion dollar budget month on month, as well as to report on Facebook performance to our Head of Digital. I particularly enjoy tasks related to search engine marketing. This includes working within Google Adwords and Google Analytics for daily monitoring and campaign analyses as well as working closely with our Head of Digital and our media agency to continuously optimise our SEM performance.

Q: What Career Achievements Are You Especially Proud Of?

Working at Menulog provides a huge opportunity to work on a wide variety of campaigns – this is anything from targeted local area marketing to driving business for communities to large-scale, national campaigns that aim at significantly shifting metrics for the Menulog brand.

One of the most exciting campaigns I have worked on, and one that I am particularly proud to have supported, is our most recent major brand campaign featuring Hollywood A-Lister, Jeff Goldblum.

Working closely together with our Head of Digital and our global digital marketing agency in the UK, I helped develop our social strategy that would roll out over the course of six months. Seeing the creative work we developed live on Facebook, and the thousands of positive comments on the campaign, was an incredibly proud moment for me and one of my greatest career achievements to date. This experience has also cemented my decision to pursue a digital marketing career, with a focus on social and SEM strategy.

Q: How Has Your Icms Degree Contributed To You Achieving Your Professional Goals?

My Master of International Business degree was an incredible starting point for my career to date – through the professional training program, I was introduced to the Head of Marketing at Menulog and was able to secure my first full-time job interview, which led to the start of my career in digital marketing.

I did my industry training at a leading event management company, Ashton Media, and they were able to refer me to Menulog where I was able to use my hands-on experience to demonstrate my capabilities with some marketing tools and programs that some of the other applicants, with less ‘real-world’ experience, did not have access to.

My international business degree at ICMS has definitely helped me to achieve my first professional milestones, but there’s still more to come!

Q: What Were The Major Contributing Factors To Your Decision To Study At Icms?

The major contributing factor for my decision to study at ICMS was the hands-on experience we gained in the course of one semester of the study programme. In addition to theoretical knowledge, Australian employers look for candidates with real-world experience to help you transition into the workforce once you have completed your studies. I think this would have been challenging if I had not been able to gain any experience as part of my degree. Back then, universities only offered optional internships for a few weeks up to three months, which is not enough to get familiar with work processes.

Another major contributing factor was that ICMS is international, with students from all over the globe. Working and learning with people of all nationalities enables you to develop strong communication skills that you can use in any diverse office environment.

Q: What Were Your Highlights During Your Time At ICMS?

Personally, I enjoyed the small class sizes which made it a lot easier to get to know each other and the lecturer. Everyone was on first-name basis and we were all one big community, always willing to help each other out. The lecturers were incredibly experienced and professional, with many years of work experience in their subjects and a passion for teaching. Another highlight was the practical semester at Ashton Media, which I absolutely loved.

Q: What Lessons Did You Learn From Your Industry Training?

Most importantly, I was able to familiarise myself with various marketing tools, such as Google Analytics and WordPress, as well as with Email and content marketing. That has been particularly useful in my role at Menulog. Throughout my training, I also realised that there are many differences between Australian and German business environments, starting from the tone of voice used in emails to the way an office operates.

Also, since we had to write our thesis at the same time, I learned to manage my time and make the most out of it. All in all, the industry training helped me become even more determined about my future professional goals.

Q: What Would Be Your Advice To Someone Considering Studying At ICMS?

I know how challenging it can be to get your foot in the door. When I got into the second half of my second semester, I started to pro-actively look for internship opportunities and was so excited when I was called for an interview for every opportunity I applied for. Certainly, the positive reputation of ICMS contributed to this encouraging outcome. Finally, with the support of the career team at ICMS, I was also able to get my first choice internship.

Although it can be a daunting task, I would recommend everyone to start getting in touch with the career team and applying for internships or jobs as early as possible in the process. Also, manage your expectations about your practical term. It’s probably not going to be in a management role, but that’s ok because once you’ve got your first work experience, you can slowly work towards this goal by showing initiative, working hard and making great industry contacts.

Q: What Is The Best Thing About Working In Your Industry?

The best thing about E-commerce for me is the digital marketing side of things, which plays such a vital role in promoting our business. Because of that, we are probably among the first handful of companies leveraging the latest breakthrough technologies and advertising formats. To work so closely with world-class organisations, such as Google, is exciting and I’m looking forward to learning more and more as I go.


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