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Cheston hsu student bio

Cheston hsu student bio

June 7, 2017

Study Area – 2010 Hospitality Graduate
Role – Projects and Applications Coordinator at Merivale, Sydney

Q: What is your current role?
My current role is Projects and Applications Coordinator at Merivale in Sydney. Merivale is one of Australia’s Hospitality group with over 65 restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels and function spaces in Sydney. Prior to this I was a Service Desk Analyst, before that I was a Beverage Cost Controller and before that I was a Team Leader at the restaurant Mr Wong’s, all at the Merivale group. Before joining the Merivale group, I was a porter at the Sheraton on The Park and a F&B attendant for the Marriott Hotel (now Pullman near Hyde Park).

Q: What and where did you study once you graduated from ICMS?

Master’s of Commerce at the University of Sydney

Q: What career achievements are you especially proud of?
Making that progression from front of house (Mr Wong’s) to administration and slowly progressing to where I want to develop my career in Project management.

Q: How has your ICMS degree contributed to you achieving your professional goals?
It assisted by providing me with a balance of hospitality and business knowledge.

Q: What were the major contributing factors to your decision to study at ICMS?
It was the only school at the time that provided a good hospitality course.

Q: What were your highlights during your time at ICMS?
Meeting people from all over the world and building both personal and business relationships that have helped me get to where I am.

Q: What would be your advice to someone considering studying at ICMS?
Be prepared for many long nights and hardships. Always strive for perfection and pay attention to detail.


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