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ICMS Announces Incredible Partnership With Emerson College

ICMS Announces Incredible Partnership With Emerson College

January 31, 2022

Emerson students offered opportunity to study at ICMS with an almost endless summer as part of global degree.

A partnership between Emerson College in Boston, MA, and the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) means students undertaking the Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises: Australia at the college based in Boston and LA will be able to study in Sydney, Australia as part of a study abroad program.

Australian borders are now open to international students with no isolation required if students test negative for Covid-19 on arrival. In addition, international students benefit from the record low unemployment rates in Australia currently, meaning jobs are available for students wishing to work while they study. In response to the jobs shortage, the 40-hour-a-fortnight working restriction on visa holders has been lifted.

“We are delighted to partner with Emerson College and offer their students the opportunity to study here in Australia as part of the ground-breaking BA in BCE,” ICMS CEO Rowan Courtney O’Connor said.

The new Emerson College Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises: Australia program captures the unique fusion of the arts and business—and takes students across two continents and three major cities.

In this intensive 3-year-plus program, students alternate semesters between the United States (Boston and an optional semester in Los Angeles) and Australia (Sydney). The program begins and ends with a summer session in Boston.

At ICMS in Sydney, students will have an opportunity to take Work Integrated Learning (WIL) internships for real-life work experience.

The uniquely global BCE program takes full advantage of the resources and premium locations offered by both ICMS and Emerson College.

This accelerated degree program combines a rich management-focus with experiential learning. Students benefit from Emerson’s focus on communication and the arts, learn data analytics, and explore the fashion, tourism, and hospitality industries at ICMS.

“Not only will they be able to absorb all ICMS has to offer, in such a beautiful setting a stone’s throw from Manly Beach or in the heart of the city of Sydney, but ICMS students will benefit from exposure to American ideas.

International networking is always positive for career-focused students, and we look forward to the exchange of ideas as we welcome Emerson College students to ICMS,” Courtney O’Connor said.

ICMS is an award-winning higher education institution located on the Northern Beaches and in the City of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Emerson College, founded in 1880, is located in Boston, MA, and boasts highly regarded academic programs in communication, the arts, and the liberal arts.

To learn more about the Emerson College Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises (BCE), click here: