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Rowan Courtney-O’Connor

Rowan Courtney-O’Connor

CEO and President

Executive Management Group, Academic Board

Rowan Courtney-O’Connor is the Chief Executive Officer and President at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS). ICMS also operates Aspire Institute, Aspire English and the International Sport College Australia.

On commencing the role in 2020, Rowan together with the Board of Directors, created the ICMS Strategic Plan FY21-23 which includes:

The Vision:

Australia’s leader in career focused education.

The Strategy:

  • Student Outcomes.
  • Institutional Sustainability and Development.
  • Financial Strength.
  • Scholarships and Giving Back.
  • Aligned Partnerships.

The Purpose:

Educating students for personal success in their professional lives.

Rowan has spent over 20 years in various leadership roles within the Higher Education and Business sectors. These opportunities extended from a focus on operational management within the hospitality industry to facilitating management agreements, buy outs, franchising and leasing assets. Management roles with Colliers International and Australian Pharmaceutical Industries offered new growth and development opportunities in property. These experiences included, site selection, project management, feasibility studies, regulatory approvals and land and building acquisitions. Rowan moved into the Higher Education sector over 12 years ago and has extensive experience in HE strategy/ planning, marketing and recruitment, international development, campus operations, administration and facilities development. He became of member of the Executive Management Group in 2011 and the Academic Board in 2016.

“Reflecting on past professional experiences there is one clear constant, the importance of a constructive culture. ICMS regularly measures its culture to ensure that as an institution we uphold our values and continuously develop our constructive culture.”

An alumnus of the International College of Management, Sydney with a Diploma in Hospitality Management, Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Sydney University with an Executive Masters of Business Administration. Rowan has a unique educational background. All programs highlighted the importance of belief in the vision. At the core of ICMS is industry, for over 25 years ICMS has ensured that all students who have been awarded a degree have also completed a significant period of work integrated learning. This is one example of ICMS’s commitment to its vision.

Rowan has travelled extensively throughout South East Asia, China, Europe, and United States. Creating and launching Aspire Institute and Aspire English in 2013 was a result of a developed understanding for the needs of international students. Providing students with more opportunities and pathways has become a key element to achieving our vision.