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ICMS Sessional Lecturer Defining the Event Management Industry

ICMS Sessional Lecturer Defining the Event Management Industry

April 27, 2021

ICMS sessional lecturer, William O’Toole is defining the way in which Event Management students around the world will learn. O’Toole is not only a Sessional Lecturer at ICMS but is also an Events Development Specialist working around the world for organisations such as European Commission, Deloitte, and the United Nations.

He has recently contributed to the 2021 Dictionary of Event Studies, Event Management and Event Tourism, as the co-editor.

“This is a very big deal, as it defines the words that will be used in colleges, universities and for research around the world,” said O’Toole.

The dictionary was produced by a collaboration of highly distinguished academics and international writers. The short entries and definitions within the dictionary have a significant focus on real life business models and events rather than just concepts and theories.

O’Toole has a more than impressive resume, beginning with his training of event managers from 2010 to 2015 and advisory role of the development of the events industries in South Africa, Dubai, Uganda, Liberia and Kenya.

He has been acknowledged as key to creating the over $5 Billion new events industry within Saudi Arabia through developing and implementing the ‘Event Strategy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’.

William is also a member of the World Board of the International Festivals and Events Association, originated the Event Management Body of Knowledge (EMBOK) and converted it into the Events Management International Competency Standard (EMICS). In addition to this, he was inducted into the International Festivals and Events Association Hall of Fame in 2018.

Since this he has continued his training of events teams and companies in project and risk management in France, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Australia, Canada, Malaysia and USA.

O’Toole’s textbooks ‘2018 Safe and Healthy Crowded Places Handbook’, ‘Crowd Management: Risk, Security and Health’’ and ‘Risk Management for Events’ all feature within the dictionary, through quotes and other definitions. His five international textbooks on event management have been published in six languages and are used all over the world for tertiary education.

William has just finished his chapter on Crisis as a Dynamic Stimulus of Events Development for his new textbook ‘Crisis and Events (2021)’.

Currently he is rewriting his ‘Events Feasibility and Development’ manual to include cities/regions/states/countries in addition to events companies. The manual will focus on developing their event sector through Gap Analysis and Maturity Model.

“I have set up many courses and have taught at many other higher education institutions. They all use my textbooks, but ICMS integrates real world experiences into their courses ,” says O’Toole.

ICMS incorporates a ‘Work Integrated Learning (WIL)‘ program into all Bachelor and Masters courses. This gives students a taste and insight into a real-life professional business environment before they even graduate.

The WIL program and extensive list of experienced lecturers such as William O’Toole is what makes ICMS unique and stand out from competitors.

Study Event Management at ICMS

Bachelor of Event Management

Event management is a growing global industry with a broad range of employment opportunities across different industries. This is the ideal career for you if you are organised, sociable and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a project through to competition.

The Bachelor of Event Management will equip you with the skills to rise to the top of this diverse and dynamic sector. Designed to position students for success in the exciting events industry, this is a qualification which could to take you anywhere in the world.


Master of Event Management

From business and social events to mega events, concerts and festivals, a professional event manager ensures the success of any event.

The ICMS Master of Event Management is designed for working professionals seeking formal qualifications, as well as students seeking exposure to best practice within the event sector. It is a postgraduate degree that aims to develop strategic thinking and conceptual, analytics and current, practical skills.


Graduate Certificate in Event Management

The Graduate Certificate in Event Management is designed for working professionals seeking a formal qualification, as well as students who wish to develop knowledge and skills relevant to the event sector.

This postgraduate qualification is designed to expose students to contemporary event management theories, concepts and skills that are the basis of successful events across a range of economic sectors.


Work Integrated Learning

The International College of Management Sydney (ICMS) Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program is exemplary in the Australian tertiary sector.

ICMS’ vision is as ‘Australia’s leader of career-focused education’ and preparing students for success in their chosen career is our highest priority.

A central element in achieving this vision is Work Integrated Learning (also known as ‘Industry Training’,  ‘Internship’ or ‘Professional Placement’); with all bachelors and masters degrees having built-in WIL subjects which include a professional placement.

So all ICMS students graduate with more than a degree. The WIL experience provides students up to two study periods of professional placement within and industry of their choice and the opportunity to prepare for their future career, to apply (and further develop) their employability skills and gain valuable contacts and networks.