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Ann Whitelock Re-elected Deputy Chair of IHEA: A Champion for Independent Higher Education in Australia

Ann Whitelock Re-elected Deputy Chair of IHEA: A Champion for Independent Higher Education in Australia

June 10, 2024

ICMS Professional Scholarships chair Ann Whitelock has recently been re-elected as the deputy chair of Independent Higher Education Australia (IHEA). This appointment signifies her continued commitment to the higher education community.

IHEA represents private higher education institutions in Australia, including the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS), and plays a key role in setting strategic directions and overseeing operational performance within the independent higher education sector.

As Deputy Chair of IHEA, Whitelock, alongside other directors, represents the interests of independent members within the organisation.

The board ensures that the organisation functions in the best interests of its members while upholding principles of impartiality and objectivity.

By pooling their expertise, the board supports the growth and advancement of independent higher education in Australia, ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering innovation within the sector.

About IHEA

IHEA advocates for the recognition and quality standards of independent higher education providers in Australia, aiming to promote equity for these institutions and their stakeholders.

Through its advocacy efforts, IHEA contributes to the excellence and growth of independent higher education, benefiting the Australian economy and society as a whole.

Whitelock’s leadership within IHEA reflects a dedication to advancing the sector and upholding values of equity, choice, and diversity in education.

Civic Leadership in Action

The involvement in various civic leadership roles outside of Whitelock’s position at ICMS demonstrates her commitment to community engagement and accountability.

By engaging with different forums and networks, she promotes transparency, inclusivity, and collective action within the wider community, driving positive change across social, economic, and political landscapes.

Whitelock is part of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Catholic Business Network. She previously directed and currently serves as the Chair of the board for the Women’s Resilience Center, a charity aiding domestic violence survivors in the Northern Beaches.

She also sits on the board of the Mito Foundation known for organising the popular fundraising event, the Bloody Long Walk.

These roles in Australia’s higher education sector play a vital role in maintaining its high standards and showcase the civic leadership values upheld by ICMS.

To connect with Ann Whitelock, click here.

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