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Hospitality Management Studies Opportunities

Hospitality Management Studies Opportunities

November 18, 2022

Getting qualified via hospitality management studies enables you to reach your career goals in an industry that is the largest employer globally.

As the industry addresses our basic needs for food, shelter and entertainment, wherever people need to eat or find a place to stay, from 1* to 5*, there will be jobs for those with a passion for delivering outstanding service.

Career Options after studying Hospitality Management

Food and Beverage Director

Accommodation Manager

Hotel Sales and Marketing

Guest Relations Manager

Banquet Manager

Resort and Spa Manager

Airline Operations Manager

Bar/Cocktail Manager

Catering Manager

Hotels – HR, Sales & Marketing, Finance

Resorts Management

Cruise operations

Luxury retail services

Clubs, for example Golf Clubs or Private Operations

Spa facility operations

Travel company services

Hospitality Technology Solutions

Food services, for example at hospitals, armed services or in schools

Travel/food writer

More detail on three Career options for Hospitality Management graduates

Seek is a fantastic resource for finding out about different careers, salary expectations, and confidence in the industry.

Here are just three examples of roles available to you if you have a degree in hospitality management.

Hotel Manager

A Hotel Manager is responsible for supervising and controlling the operations of hotels and motels. A combination of a formal qualification together with on-the-job training is usually required to become a Hotel Manager.

Job satisfaction: 4.3/5

Career progression Opportunities: 4/5

Pay/Salary: 4/5

Job security: 4.3/5

Variety of work: 4.2/5

2,612 job opportunities in Australia right now, with a projected job growth of 2.2% in 5 years.*

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Managers are responsible for overseeing the efficient running and profitability of restaurants and for managing their employees. They deal with customer service issues and ensure the food quality is of a high standard.

Job satisfaction: 4/5

Job security: 4/5

Variety of work: 4.1/5

4,024 job opportunities in Australia right now, with a projected job growth of 27.3% in 5 years.*


Concierges draw upon their knowledge of a local area to assist hotel guests with a variety of requests, from providing directions, to recommending restaurants and arranging transportation. Many Concierges speak multiple languages.

Job satisfaction: 4.7/5

Work-life balance: 4.3/5

Variety of work: 4.4/5

Job security: 4/5

8,154 job opportunities in Australia right now, with a projected job growth of 27.3% in 5 years.*

Diverse industry with many entry points

Few industries offer the freedom to work anywhere in the world like a career in hospitality with options open to skilled students and graduates within the four sectors of the hospitality industry.

These four sectors are:

Food and Beverage, including restaurants, cafes, bars and food trucks;

Travel and Tourism, encompassing all forms of transportation, from cruise lines to airlines, railways and busses;

Lodging, from backpackers and hostels to high end hotels and resorts; and

Recreation, referring to leisure, where work can be found in places such as sports stadiums, wellness retreats, or entertainment venues like theme parks and concert venues.

Be management material with a Hospitality Bachelor or Master degree

Hotels, restaurants, airlines, resorts… the scope for work in the hospitality industry, in Australia and abroad, is literally limitless.

However, what will take you from minimum wage work to a managerial role will be the quality of education in hospitality management. An academic background in leadership, business and processes, coupled with practical experience, opens doors to more responsibility and higher earning power.

An ICMS Bachelor of Hospitality Management is a degree that combines core business subjects with specialised hospitality management subjects. This gives you a greater depth of understanding when it comes to managing people. You’ll deliver a fantastic hospitality experience to clients and patrons, and be in line for promotion far earlier than those relying on practical experience alone.

Hands on deck – hospitality management studies with a practical component

It is very seldom in hospitality management that those at the top haven’t worked in most aspects of the business. It’s also common practice for management to undergo training in every area of the workplace.

Because of the practical nature of hospitality and the high level of service successful hospitality institutions demand, career professionals know the ins and outs of the business, from the room service to mixology and plate service.

Theory is important, it will teach you the fundamentals you need to be a hospitality management leader. However, nothing is as valuable as putting your theory into practice.

Built into every ICMS degree is the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program, which organises internships for ICMS students as part of their degree. This means you will gain valuable insider information while still a student.

ICMS industry partners in the hospitality industry include leading hotels such as Hilton Hotel and Resorts, Four Seasons, Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, Marriott, Meriton Suites, Sofitel Luxury Hotels, The Star Entertainment group among others.

Studying while Working

In the hospitality industry in particular, it’s quite common for you to start working at an entry level position, and then go ‘back to school’ to get the degree that will advance your career.

ICMS understands this, and has a flexible timetable for working professionals. Upskilling while working is the best way to go from the bottom to the top in a measured timeframe.

An industry that offers choice and security


* Information and statistics supplied by Seek, November 2022.