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‘How ICMS’ Mentor Ethos Shaped My Student Journey’

‘How ICMS’ Mentor Ethos Shaped My Student Journey’

November 8, 2023

ICMS as The Professional Mentor was acknowledged recently by ICMS Bachelor of Business graduate Isabella Cabral who spoke at the ICMS November graduation.

Isabella is currently working as a Project Manager at Premier Tennis in Queensland. While studying, she also worked for a period at ICMS as a Campus Experience Coordinator (Events).

“During my first year of study the words ‘We Mentor’ became part of the core message ICMS presented to current and prospective students. Looking back at the months prior, I saw this commitment to mentorship had already begun for many of us here today.

“Today I stand before you as a proud graduate of ICMS. A place I’ve had the opportunity to call home. This castle on a hill where I studied, lived, and worked alongside colleagues who have championed me throughout the entire journey.”

Isabella was a Dean’s List student and the recipient of an ICMS Professional Scholarship (2021), an Academic Excellence Scholarship (2022) and a Courtney-O’Connor Scholarship (2023).

What is a Mentor?

“A mentor is defined as ‘an experienced and trusted adviser’ or the verb is ‘to teach, give guidance, and to train’,” Isabella explained.

“I now even more clearly see how this encapsulated the ICMS experience exceptionally… we as students have essentially been in training.”

The phrase ‘We Mentor’ is embedded into the ICMS vocabulary and is an investment by the faculty, staff and industry partners into the lives of ICMS graduates.

ICMS also offers a Mentor Connector initiative as part of the ICMS Professional Development Lab. This program partners mentors – either industry experts, faculty or alumni – with mentees. This provides students with guidance, advice and support as they navigate professional development and future career success.

Why mentoring matters; creating employable graduates

Located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the city of Sydney, ICMS draws students from all around the world.

Mentoring enables students from diverse backgrounds to fully reach their potential, embrace their student journey and graduate as employable assets to organisations around the world.

This translates into an enviable graduate employability record where, by recent example, 100% of the March 2023 ICMS graduates already had a job before graduating.*

“Thank you to the mentors who have supported each of us along the way. From faculty and staff to guest speakers, industry experts, business partners and more,” Isabella said on behalf of the Class of 2023.

“You have provided guidance, insights, a different perspective, and ultimately have set this culture of mentorship at ICMS. We are tremendously grateful for this investment you have made into our futures.”

For more information about ICMS, click here.

To connect with Isabella Cabral, click here.

* Graduates who are engaged in or available for work (In the Labour force). Internal March Graduate Survey 2023. Please note that the employment statistics provided in this article are based on a survey of graduates who are in the labour force and have completed the survey. This excludes individuals who are not in the labour force, including those who are unable to work, as well as those who choose not to work.


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