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ICMS and Michael Hill: a Sparkling Partnership

ICMS and Michael Hill: a Sparkling Partnership

January 10, 2015

In early March 2015, international retailer Michael Hill Jeweller partnered with the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) to provide the Michael Hill Scholarship as part of the ICMS Professional Scholarship Program.

Committed to the development of a passionate and talented workforce, Sir Michael Hill collaborated with Ann Whitelock Courtney-O’Connor, Chairperson of the Aspiring Education Foundation, to create a scholarship which advances the professional careers of ICMS Retail Marketing students through financial support and industry training.

In August ICMS students were given unique access to the man behind the brand, Sir Michael Hill. As an innovator, business leader, education advocate, and entrepreneur who founded Michael Hill Jewellers, Sir Michael gave ICMS students insight into the philosophies and practices which have helped him build and drive global business.

In this ICMS lecture, How to Grow a Business the Michael Hill Way, Sir Michael shared candid stories of his early education in which he appeared to lack promise. Sir Michael used these experiences to fuel his determination and defy expectations. His lecture informed ICMS students of the personal techniques and business strategies that have helped him grow a New Zealand jewellery store into a global organisation with over 300 stores across 4 countries.

Sir Michael emphasised the importance of goal setting, taking care of physical and mental wellbeing, and the importance of making mistakes.

“If you want to achieve greatness, you will make mistakes, but from those mistakes you’re going to learn your best rewards, because you’re not going to make them again,” Sir Michael said. “From these experiences you will always find something that you can bounce back twice as strong and energetic,” he said.

When setting goals, Sir Michael emphasised the importance of dreaming big.

“Think bigger than you’ve ever thought. Whatever you aim at you are more or less going to hit, but if you think super big you might miss it, but it will be one hell of a lot higher than if you think reasonably low,” he said.

Like ICMS, Sir Michael is committed to the development of future leaders. In 2001 he founded the biennial Michael Hill International Violin Competition for emerging young violinists, and he continues to seek new opportunities to inspire. His organisation prides itself on a fulfilling career path in which employees gain experiences and successes that they had not thought possible. It is a philosophy that resonates closely with ICMS.

In partnering with ICMS, Michael Hill joins a number of high profile organisations that provide industry sponsored scholarships to ICMS students including HOSTPLUS, ANZ, PGA IGI, Accor Hotels and the Manly Council. It is part of our ICMS commitment to provide a balance of management and practical training within a culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism.

James Caulfield, a recent 2015 Business Management graduate, attended the Michael Hill guest lecture. Inspired by the Michael Hill vision for global success, James successfully applied for a position within the company’s manager in training program. James starts his new role next month.

In this we share Sir Michael’s view of the potential of our students: “I hope you dream. I know you can achieve anything.”

For more information about the Michael Hill scholarship , click here


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