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Is an MBA worth it?

Is an MBA worth it?

May 18, 2023

Is an MBA worth it? Improved career opportunities, networking opportunities and a greater higher earning potential may help answer that question.

So just how much of an investment does an MBA require?

Emotional Investment

“Being confident and believing in your own self-worth is necessary to achieving your potential.” – Sheryl Sandberg (MBA), former Chief Operating Officer of Meta (Facebook), current Chair of

Much like an elite athlete training for a marathon or the Olympics, taking on an MBA is an emotional investment. It’s telling the world that you are reaching higher in your career and seeking more than the status quo.

An MBA is for passionate professionals who believe that they can learn more, be more and do more. An MBA is for leaders who want to master people-centred leadership, and have consciously chosen a postgraduate degree that is designed to change them and the way they think – for the betterment of themselves and those around them.

None of this is easy on an emotional level.

An MBA will take all of you, and more… but the rewards of better professional prospects or the chance to start a new career altogether will be worth it in the end.

“Our MBA program is specifically designed for individuals who know they have untapped potential and want to equip themselves to unlock their full capabilities,” said ICMS DVC Dr Heidi Le Sueur.

“Within two years, students will find out who they can really be, but they will leave with so much more than that. They will be a confident, competent, and connected leader, with an international network that will support them on their journey wherever it takes them.”

Time Investment

“Education will open doors. Talent will open worlds. But it is hard work that will enable you to accomplish more than you ever imagined.” – Mary Barra (MBA), CEO of General Motors.

Time is a finite and precious resource, so deciding to invest time in an MBA is not an easy decision.

However, choosing an ICMS MBA – where studying is geared towards maximising the time you have at your disposal, is a wise investment.

The ICMS MBA has a distinctive offering as it gives industry sought after specialisation options to choose from and a delivery model providing flexibility.

Students can study ‘their way’ by choosing between different delivery formats (online, on-campus, hybrid), choose between two campuses, and choose between a full-time or part-time option with classes being offered during the day as well as into the evening.

ICMS campuses are located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the city of Sydney, Australia.

Financial Investment

“The greatest investment a young person can make is in their own education, in their own mind. Because money comes and goes. Relationships come and go. But what you learn once stays with you forever.” – Warren Buffett (MBA), Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

When considering whether getting an MBA degree is worth the investment, the first consideration should be what the cost is of an MBA degree and whether or not you can afford it.

The MBA course structure is made up of 14 subjects, including two intensive Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subjects. WIL are professional placements arranged by the dedicated ICMS WIL team who place students in individually tailored internships aimed at building networks and connections, as well as providing real life work experience.

MBA students have the opportunity to complete an Action-Learning-Project with an Industry partner during WIL.

This supervised and hands-on project focuses on deliverable improvements of practices in an existing business or the development of a new business opportunity, business challenge and/or leadership dilemma drawing on knowledge from multiple business disciplines which students have acquired on the MBA course.

What dividends will your investment in an MBA pay out?

Tackling an MBA is a major undertaking, but the rewards are many.

Dividends from an investment in an MBA include:

* Improved Career Opportunities

* Access to networks and connections that will further your career

* A personal journey of growth

* Higher earning potential

* A new way of looking at your life and what you hope to achieve

* Enhanced leadership abilities

As an ICMS MBA graduate, you can take advantage of a variety of exciting career paths. With enhanced leadership and managerial skills, you become eligible for senior positions with increased autonomy and higher earning potential.

An MBA also provides you with the flexibility to change industries or pursue new opportunities in other countries through the international experience provided by ICMS degree programs in Australia.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an ICMS MBA will give you the skills and confidence you need to launch your own business ventures within the rapidly-growing global marketplace.

As Elon Musk (MBA), founder of SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, and The Boring Company, said, “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.”

Make a wise investment.

Invest in an ICMS MBA degree and transform your professional career. 

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