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Making a career out of creativity after ICMS internship

Making a career out of creativity after ICMS internship

November 1, 2022

It was only when Thai postgraduate alumna Wiranpatchara (Sandy) Wongchanapai began her internship while studying her ICMS master degree that she discovered she could make a career out of her creative streak.

Sandy graduated from the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) in 2021 with a Master of International Business following a Bachelor in Liberal Arts from Prince of Songkla University in Thailand.

The guaranteed work experience built into every degree offered at ICMS attracted Sandy to study here in Australia.

“It’s often difficult for international students to find professional careers in overseas countries, especially in Australia. ICMS has put me in a place where everything is possible!”

The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program placement in the ICMS Marketing department allowed her to discover her talent for design and she has since been appointed fulltime as ICMS Marketing Coordinator (Creative) and Graphic Designer.

“At ICMS, I found myself through an internship,” Sandy said.

“I always loved art and craft, but I never thought that I would one day work in the creative field until I had the opportunity to work in the industry through my ICMS internship. I’ve gained so much from the internship, and it has helped me prepare myself for real-life work experience.”

Talent and Positive Energy Impresses ICMS Mentor

At ICMS, coursework and industry placement are geared towards developing 21st Century Graduate Capabilities that set ICMS students and graduates apart from the rest.

These capabilities are the skills and knowledge necessary to demonstrate confidence, competence and innovation, and cultivating them are at the heart of what an ICMS career—focused education means.

Sandy’s manager and mentor Toniel Leung found her to have excelled in exhibiting these capabilities; so much so that at the end of her ICMS internship Sandy had become an integral part of the Creative team.

“When Sandy began her internship she had no experience at all in the design/creative space, let alone having any knowledge in the Adobe Creative Suite. Because of Sandy’s positive energy and her thirst to grow in the creative world, she picked up all the skills she needed to know in such a short time-frame, and she is now a huge asset to the organisation,” Leung said.

“Over the last two years that she’s been with us, she has taken on many major projects, maintaining excellent brand standards, and most importantly, working extremely well with everyone in the organisation. She has embraced excellence and owned it, and I’m so proud of her.”

Move from Thailand to Australia to Study Worth it

As much as Sandy’s mentor has been impressed by her progress and work ethic, Sandy found the mentorship from Leung and ICMS as a collective to have helped her in many areas of her personal and professional life.

“Since working at ICMS until now, my manager has helped and guided me along the way, mentoring me on how to work productively or how to communicate with colleagues professionally, as well as offering welcome life advice,” Sandy said.

“I have found that ICMS is not just a place for studying or working. It is where everyone gathers to help each other succeed in their dream goals.”

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