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Master of Business Administration degree: Your Options

Master of Business Administration degree: Your Options

May 18, 2023

A Master of Business Administration degree, known as an MBA, is recognised the world over for being one of the most sought after and prestigious postgraduate qualifications available.

The MBA separates middle and lower management from captains of industry and C-Suite leaders.

  1. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) can advance your career in business.
  2. An MBA can help you to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in business, or to build on the success you have already achieved.
  3. An MBA can give you the opportunity to network with other business professionals and make lifelong connections.
  4. An MBA can give you the skills and confidence required to successfully start your own business.
  5. An MBA can help you to secure a job in a top company, in Australia or abroad.

But first, what exactly is a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA)?

An MBA is a graduate degree that prepares you with theoretical and practical training for managing businesses or investments. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of general business management functions is an excellent way to enhance your skills in this field.

With a Master of Business Administration degree you can:

  1. Maximise your career advancement opportunities

Getting an MBA is a big accomplishment in the business world. It separates you from other applicants when applying for management positions.

The ICMS MBA takes you on a journey towards mastering leadership, and gives you access to industry leaders who can support you on the way to the top.

You can work in various roles, such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), or consultant. You can also choose to change your career, or even start your own business.

  1. Launch your own company

You could also choose to use your MBA to start your own company.

Many MBA programs, including the specialisation ICMS MBA (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), hone in on what it takes to successfully launch a business. You will learn the knowledge and skills required to create a business plan, critically evaluate the market and secure funding.

The ICMS MBA (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) provides the skills, tools, perspectives, and experiences needed to succeed as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. The program draws on the cutting-edge research on entrepreneurial strategies, innovation, and creativity.

Theory and practice are combined, giving students the chance to test concepts learned and engage with industry. You will gain insights from entrepreneurial leaders while honing your own strategies.

  1. Become a consultant

If you enjoy working with clients and problem-solving, an MBA will give you the gravitas and know how to become a sought after and in-demand consultant.

Business of all sizes and industries require consultants to solve complex challenges, in areas of cost reduction, efficiency improvements and in the development of new products.

The ICMS Master of Business Administration (Business Analytics) specialisation empowers you to expertly manage high-level analytics projects for global organisations.

You will develop in-demand skills and analytical techniques to transform data into actionable insights, as well as explore how big data can be used to achieve business objectives.

You’ll also delve into the complexities of organisational management and legal, ethical, and data security considerations that come with gathering, storing, and using data. The result is a comprehensive understanding of data-driven decision making in today’s dynamic global business environment.

  1. Be ahead of the digital revolution

Business is being done differently, with advances in artificial intelligence and digital disruption a reality of the present and of the future.

The ICMS Master of Business Administration (Digital Transformation) will enhance your ability to manage the design and execution of new structures and processes that help organisations navigate the waves of digital disruption sweeping across industries.

Digital business models, emergent trends, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as platform-based product offerings will be explored and analysed.

This MBA specialisation examines various digital business strategies, product offerings, and recent advancements such as data analysis, AI, and IoT, with a main goal of improving the customer experience through automation.

Take your career to the next level with an ICMS MBA

The ICMS MBA promotes integrity, global mindsets and awareness, critical analysis, collaboration and leadership confidence in its graduates.

It’s a course for professionals who seek to be sought after, and who want to take their career to the next level.

Earning an MBA can help graduates advance their careers in a number of ways. Graduates can accelerate their career path by starting in managerial or leadership positions, which tend to come with more autonomy and responsibility. An MBA can also provide an opportunity to change career tracks, pivot into a different industry or position, or even start a new career in a different country.

An MBA can equip graduates to launch their own business. International students pursuing an MBA with ICMS can explore various employment opportunities in Australia, especially with small to medium-sized businesses that aim to expand domestically and internationally.

Below are some of the diverse career paths available to MBA graduates.

  •         Account Executive
  •         Business/Management Consultant
  •         Business Development Manager
  •         C-Suite positions
  •         Entrepreneur
  •       General / Senior Manager
  •         Industry Specialist Manager
  •         Marketing Manager
  •         Operations Manager
  •         Product Manager

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