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Land an Australian Job in Consulting: My 5 Top Tips

Land an Australian Job in Consulting: My 5 Top Tips

April 10, 2022

Having already successfully completed an undergraduate degree in her home country of India, Rajeshree Jadhav moved to Australia in 2018 and embarked on an International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) postgraduate degree. Today Rajeshree finds herself in her dream job in consulting on Banking and Finance projects at KPMG in Canberra.

Realising her dreams through ICMS

“I can confirm that coming to Australia and studying an ICMS Master of International Business was the best decision of my life, and I have achieved everything I planned for,” Jadhav said.  Jadhav chose to study further after achieving a Bachelor degree in IT with three years of experience working at a global IT company as a Software associate because her goal was to “understand how international businesses work and to upskill with management skills and leadership qualities”.

Leveraging Work Integrated Learning to land a job in consulting

As part of her postgraduate degree, Jadhav’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) industry training was with Tirian Innovative Solutions, a management consulting firm based in Manly with a worldwide reach.

“The industry training at Tirian gave me exposure to extraordinary skills. While working at Tirian I participated in facilitation programs designed for executive leadership teams and various seminars, which taught me how to think out of the box while solving problems. After this experience, I was ready to take on any role that came with huge responsibilities and make an impact wherever I worked. Just being in a room with leaders of the global company gave me a perspective and leadership qualities I could not have learnt elsewhere,” Jadhav said.

“I am forever grateful for this opportunity.”

Rajeshree’s journey to a job in consulting

Following her stint at Tirian, Jadhav was eager to diversify her experience. “I dipped my toes in various roles to get a taste of everything that goes around a business. I did jobs involving marketing, accounts, operations, and business development and finally arrived at a job in consulting. I was hungry to learn and never said no to new things that came my way. The last three years have been life-changing and full of experiences.

The key to achieving career success

According to Rajeshree, her proactive approach to achieving her career goals paid off for Jadhav as she excels in her current role at KPMG.

“Working at a ‘Big 4’ company has been a dream, and living this dream is a surreal experience,” she said.

“This job has given me skills and an understanding of the finance industry that I couldn’t have learnt better any other way. When I moved to Australia, I knew what I wanted to do. In my current role, I am doing precisely that. As a consultant, I get to work on diverse projects, and every project is a new experience. Working in my industry, you can help businesses become better. I have completed two projects, and I am currently on my third one. I have learnt heaps about ‘Big 4’ banks and the finance industry while helping them.”

A job in consulting presents unlimited opportunities for growth

Jadhav reckons the best part about working in her industry is the unlimited potential for growth. “There is never an end to your growth. At the end of every project, I have so much to take with me and there is always something new to look forward to,” she said.

Rajeshree’s professional development through ICMS

While studying at ICMS, Jadhav immersed herself in student life and experience. She was awarded two ICMS Post Graduate Innovation Scholarships, was a member of the ICMS SRC, an International Student Representative, the founder of the Himalayan Club and event coordinator for the SRC and for Taste of Manly.

“ICMS not only gave me professional skills but also developed me on a personal level. With two scholarships in my pocket, I felt unstoppable when studying at ICMS,” Jadhav said. “ICMS gave me the platform to build confidence and prepared me for my goals. I received enormous support from the professors and the staff at ICMS.

I felt very comfortable taking the initiative to be an international student representative, a member of the student’s committee, and a cultural club leader that helped and organised events for other students like me on Campus. I can assure you I wasn’t the same person when I graduated from ICMS. I was so much more confident and ready for the world outside.”

Alumni Advice from Rajeshree Jadhav, currently working at KPMG Canberra:

  1. For those considering studying at ICMS, don’t think twice. ICMS has all the resources you need to ace your career goals. I have always received help from the professors, staff and work-integrated learning facilitators to do my best.
  2. For those already studying at ICMS, don’t compare yourself to other students around you. Everyone has a different path.
  3. It’s important to prioritise yourself and never lose the vision of where you want to be. Just focus on giving your best, and if you never give up, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.
  4. Your education is not only about your scores; when you step out of ICMS, it’s the experiences you had on-campus that really counts. In fact, these experiences could shape how you approach your job as I do in my job in consulting. Always keep an eye out on the notice board and grab every opportunity you can to meet people and enjoy—especially the volunteering roles on and off-campus.
  5. Pro Tip: Reach out via Linkedin to ICMS alumni currently working at roles you want to do. In my experience, they never failed to help me with the right guidance and advice.

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