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Wotif Scholarship Awarded To Regional NSW Student

Wotif Scholarship Awarded To Regional NSW Student

February 9, 2021

Mollyrose Simmons from Taree in regional NSW has been the first ICMS student to receive the prestigious Wotif Scholarship. This corporate-sponsored scholarship, part of the ICMS Professional Scholarships Program, will be put towards towards tuition and accommodation to assist Ms Simmons in completing a Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) degree.

Ms Simmons, an alumna of Taree High School, said the Wotif Scholarship would allow her to relocate from regional NSW and follow her goal of developing a career in technology, travel and tourism. is “Aussie for travel” – it’s Australia’s leading travel booking site for amazing rates on accommodation, flights and holiday packages within Australia. Supporting regional communities is close to their hearts – and is what prompted them to sponsor the ICMS Wotif Scholarship for domestic undergraduate students.

“I am really honoured to be selected by the ICMS Scholarships Board and Wotif, and I am looking forward to the practical internship. Employment opportunities in some regional areas can be limited so this is a great opportunity for me and one I plan to make the most of,” Ms Simmons said.

ICMS has increased the number of scholarships offered to domestic students by 25% to more than 60 students for the February 2021 intake, largely in response to challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Despite the pressure on the higher education sector, we recognise many students and parents all over the country have had a tough year and we have taken the opportunity to respond by providing more scholarships especially as overseas students continue to be affected by travel,” ICMS scholarship program chairperson, Ann Whitelock Courtney-O’Connor said.

In addition, the college has acknowledged the hardships of the pandemic and responded by expanding the number of  On-Campus Regional and Interstate Accommodation Bursaries for students living outside of Sydney.

This bursary offers a 50% reduction on the first two trimesters of ICMS on-campus student accommodation in 2021. This means that for just over $220 a week, students can live on campus with all meals included, receive free wifi, free parking, regular cleaning service, use of laundry facilities, and a 24hr Manager on Duty and security.

Ms Simmons has recently also been featured in the Manning River Times where she discusses her Wotif Scholarship. (Read the Manning River Times article here.)

Congratulations to all our scholarship recipients for 2021 – we are very proud of all of you!

About The Wotif Scholarship

ICMS has partnered with to present this unique scholarship opportunity for students commencing the Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Business Management (Entrepreneurship), Bachelor of Business (Marketing), or Bachelor of Business (International Tourism) in 2021 with consideration given to students studying other ICMS degrees. The successful recipient/s will receive a tuition and/or accommodation waiver valued at up to $30,000 (this credit will be applied over the first 2 years of study at ICMS) and may include work placement within Wotif Group.

Applications will be evaluated by the Scholarship Board, consisting of a representative of, an ICMS Academic representative as well as the Chair of ICMS Professional Scholarships.

About The ICMS Scholarships:

Under the ICMS Professional Scholarships Program, applicants will be considered for the ICMS Professional Scholarships, the ANZ Scholarship, HOSTPLUS Sports Management Scholarship, HOSTPLUS Hospitality Management Scholarship, the Wotif Scholarship and the Alceon Scholarship. ICMS will match the candidates to the most appropriate scholarship from their application form. Students are welcome to note or refer to a particular scholarship within their application if they wish.

Together with the Corporate Sponsored Scholarships featured below, ICMS Professional Scholarships include: