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Residential Students – Covid19 Information

Residential Students – Covid19 Information

September 10, 2020

This information is specifically for residential students.

The purpose of this announcement is to outline what impact this change will have on students continuing to reside on-campus, and to explain what changes to ‘campus life’ you can expect, and cover any new expectations ICMS will now have on you.


Given there will be reduced face to face delivery of education during 2021, you will be required to continue your study online for subjects and classes not available face to face.

Some areas of the campus will be closed from Monday, however you, as a resident, will continue to have access to various study spaces including:

  • Syndicate rooms- Ground Floor Kelly House (Bookings must be made)
  • Computer Study Area (CSA) – level 2 Moran House
  • Classroom 12 (Computer Room) – Level 1 Moran House
  • Classrooms (other) – Can be made available to you for study purposes upon individual request with the Manager on Duty
  • Library, 9am – 5pm (Mon – Wed) 
  • Study Pods – Level 1 near the Lift

NOTE: Capacity restrictions (if applicable) will be displayed outside each study space.

Social distancing:

It is now an international recommendation that all people make every effort to keep a 1.5metres between each other at all times.

Visitor rules:

Non-residents cannot be on campus, including family and friends unless approved by the Campus and Operations Director. All approved visitors must check in with the Manager on Duty on arrival.

Market place meals:

Melas for all residential students will be offered in market place in a COVID safe format.

Court yard café (CYC) :

The CYC will open on days when face to face classes are timetables, or as demand requires.

Vending machines:

The vending machines on campus will continue to be stocked and operational for your convenience.

Meal delivery (e.g. UberEATS)

Food delivery from UberEATS or similar is to be received by the student at the front gate


All incoming mail will be received by the Manager on Duty for immediate collection.


The ICMS coach will operate pre and post face to face timetabled classes. Between main campus and Manly Wharf.

Basement bar:

The basement bar is operated by the SRC on regular evenings, and can be used as a residential lounge/recreational area. Subject to approval from the campus and operations director.

Curfews and restrictions:

All residents must comply with all relevant Accommodation policies and procedures.


ICMS organised sport will operate in compliance with any imposed government restriction.  Residents, however, are encouraged to take advantage of on-campus sporting facilities such as the tennis and basketball courts.

Campus security:

The Manager on duty will continue to be on-site 24 hours per day. The campus will be deploying higher security protocols regarding access control, curfews, and accommodation rules, however special conditions will be considered on a case by case arrangement with individual students.

Questions/ Concerns: If you have any questions or concerns with the above measures please contact the Manager on Duty.

For further COVID-19 information please visit


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