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Start Your Degree Right Now or Take A Gap Year? Here Are 5 Things To Consider

Start Your Degree Right Now or Take A Gap Year? Here Are 5 Things To Consider

October 22, 2021

For many year 12 students, choosing whether to start their higher education studies after high school or take a gap year can be a tricky decision to make!

Maybe you’ve received an offer but now considering deferring instead? Or maybe you’re stuck in the middle and unsure whether you should take a gap year before starting your degree? We understand that you will be busting to travel after lockdown, and perhaps taking a gap year may seem like a fun alternative. But starting at a higher education tertiary institution isn’t like school – and there are other things to consider.

At ICMS, you can get the benefits of a gap year… without actually having to take a gap year! With flexible class timetables and the ability to complete a portion of your degree overseas, you could travel and study at the same time without leaving a gap in your studies. Plus, you’ll be working towards your career and earning a fantastic degree.

Here are 5 things to consider when weighing up whether you should start your degree now or take a gap year:

1. You can start with your cohort and meet new friends

Meeting new friends is possibly one of the best parts of starting your degree at a higher education institution, especially if you start in the February intake! From the O-Week beach activities to the Welcome Cocktail Reception, there are so many opportunities to meet new people.

“I’m so glad I made the decision to study first and then travel afterwards. I feel like I’ll be more mature and confident to go travelling by myself – plus I can travel with friends after we graduate,” said second year student Juliette.

“I’ve made so amazing friends at ICMS – who I can travel with once our degree finishes!” added Gabriela, a first year Business student.

2. Start in February with just one trimester and then request a Leave of Absence*

A great alternative to taking a gap year is start in the February intake, and then take a leave of absence for a trimester over May to July – just in time for European summer!

This allows you to experience all the fun of starting in the beginning of the year and meet new friends, and then hop on a plane after your first trimester for a holiday abroad. Once you return, you can resume your studies!

3. Enrol in just one or two subjects and make a slow start on your degree, then ramp it up when you feel ready.

At ICMS, you also have the option to enrol in just one or two subjects, allowing for more time to work or travel outside of classes! This provides you with a flexible schedule to work, socialise and travel in your spare time.

Alternatively, if you were to commence studying full time, you would typically only do 2-3 days of classes per week!

4. Travel during your second year internship

There is also the option of doing your Industry Training away from Sydney. Industry training is a professional placement where students work during their degree as a way of getting a head start in the industry you choose to pursue a career in.

When you do your professional placement away from Sydney, it still counts towards your credits, and you will have spent up to nine months living away from home. You could even go to a tropical resort island, like Sophie did – or even overseas!

5. Travel later with more confidence and skills

Lastly, another benefit to delaying your travels to after your studies is the ability to travel with not only a higher level of skills and knowledge from your degree, but a greater sense of confidence and maturity that comes with more experience.

Travelling post-graduation provides you with a higher chance of getting a decent job overseas, and gives you the opportunity to travel abroad with friends made at ICMS.

“I wanted to start studying as soon as possible, and I’m happy I did because I found what I’m passionate about, and now I can travel with my friends I made at the College”, added Ashley, another second year ICMS student.

While it may seem like taking a gap year is a better alternative to pursuing a degree, at ICMS there is a way to get the benefits of travel and work experience without having to delay your studies!

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Please note: students who have received a high academic place cannot defer their HAPS. To read more about High Academic Places (HAPS), click here.

Every year 12 student should watch this video, to know more about studying at the Castle.

*Deferral is a delayed commencement date after an offer in a course of study has been made.

*A Leave of Absence is requesting a period away once you have started your course.