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Student serves up ICMS’ first Squash Club

Student serves up ICMS’ first Squash Club

February 10, 2023

ICMS Master of International Business student Kai Everson Sodahl is keen to pass on his passion for the sport of squash and has started up the higher education institution’s first Squash Club.

Having competed in the Australian Open in October 2022, Kai brings to ICMS an enthusiasm and skill for a sport played around the world and which will bring future ICMS players to the courts of universities across Australia.

The Australian Open, dating back to 1928, is a prestigious event on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour.

Being invited to play alongside the best domestic players and international contingent, albeit in the C Grade event, was a memorable moment for Kai who has played squash since he was a teenager.

“I have to say that having the opportunity to see some of the biggest names in squash playing on the court, including world #4 ranked player Miguel Rodriguez, and witnessing how talented these players are, was a unique and fantastic experience. It was also great to see so many young players participating in the sport,” Kai said.

Bringing Squash to ICMS

Kai believes an ICMS Squash Club would be a valuable addition to the sports clubs currently available to students at both the Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW campus and at the campus located in the city of Sydney.

“Students looking for a fast-paced, friendly, and competitive sport need to look no further than squash.  It provides high-intensity exercise, teaches dexterity and promotes team participation,” Kai said, adding that the Manly Squash Court is easily accessed from ICMS’ Northern Beaches campus.

Other sports clubs and codes available at ICMS include social tennis, futsal, running, volleyball, basketball, surfing, badminton, social cricket and table tennis among others.

Kai sees squash as an opportunity for ICMS students to travel to competitions around Sydney and further afield as the sport is played at many other higher education institutions.

“I believe squash can appeal across the board to all students, providing exercise, an opportunity to develop a different set of skills and at the same time providing ICMS with the chance to compete and play in competitions with other tertiary institutions such as UTS, Sydney University and UNSW where squash clubs are very active in the squash community.”

Serving up a second degree from ICMS

Kai completed an ICMS Business and Administration Management degree majoring in property management in 2015 and went straight into the workforce in property roles with companies such as Australia Square and Robinson Strata Management.

After completing a one year project management diploma and having gained valuable work experience in the property industry, he decided it was time to enrol in a postgraduate degree to take his career further.

“It was always one of my goals after I graduated from ICMS with my undergraduate degree to pursue further studies.   After six years working in Strata and Property Management and completing a one-year Project Management Diploma, I felt the time was right to widen my area of knowledge,” Kai said.

Studying while working

What has been of great value to Kai in this stage of his professional career is the ability to study a Master of International Business while working at the same time.

“ICMS offered the postgraduate programme I was seeking which I have been able to undertake while still working,” he said.

ICMS postgraduate degrees are designed to fit in with students who are already employed, like Kai, with online and on campus lectures as well as personal and individual support and mentoring from lecturers and fellow students.

This is in line with ICMS’ ethos as The Professional Mentor and this has been the experience for Kai since he completed his first ICMS degree and found meaningful employment in his field after graduation.

“ICMS was instrumental in assisting me to secure employment in my chosen field of Strata Management upon completion of my first degree,” Kai said.

“While completing my MIB, I can say that ICMS lecturers have provided me with valuable support and feedback in all subjects undertaken.  I have benefited from their mentoring and can support this by saying that I have enjoyed all classes and have achieved good grades in all subjects to date.”

The ICMS Master of International Business focuses on increasing a student’s understanding of the way in which global businesses function, the challenges they face and the complex environments in which they operate.

With this degree, Kai can expect to develop the cutting-edge professional management, communication, analytical and decision-making skills required to make valuable contributions in the international business context.

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