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Sydney ICC Excursion for ICMS Event Students

Sydney ICC Excursion for ICMS Event Students

March 27, 2024

Master of Event Management students from ICMS enjoyed an exciting industry immersion excursion to the ICC Sydney recently for a glimpse into the world of event operations and international events.

The day was filled with enriching experiences as the students gained firsthand insights into the inner workings of a renowned international venue.

Upon arrival, the students were greeted by the ICC team, who shared their expertise with the students.

Two team members engaged the students in an informative Q&A session, providing valuable perspectives on event management, sustainable practices, and best industry standards.

After the interesting talk, the students got to take a quick look behind the scenes of the busy event area. For many students, this trip was their first time seeing all the detailed planning that goes into successful international events.

Importance of Industry Excursions

ICMS believes that industry excursions are important because they help students connect what they learn in class to the real world.

“It is so important to immerse our students into industry and we always greatly appreciate the opportunity from within the events world to do this,” ICMS Events Lecturer Janene Wardrop said.

By taking students out to visit actual companies and venues, ICMS helps them get a feel for how things work in the industry.

This hands-on experience is vital for preparing students for their future careers in event management, where things are always changing and moving forward.

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