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“Put your trust in ICMS”

“Put your trust in ICMS”

November 26, 2020

“I hope that the potential students can relate and connect with my story from one student to another. I hope I will inspire you to take that next leap of faith to put your trust in ICMS to show you the way moving forward.”

Student speech from the Parents Information Evening 2020…

“My name is Georgina, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Event Management, recently completing my second year of study here at ICMS.

Four years ago, when I was in year 10, the idea of finishing school and taking on a tertiary education began to quickly loom and all I can remember was my perception of university and other higher education institutions at that time being filled with; long commutes, exhaustingly long hours, endless essays and enormous lecture theatres with hundreds of students.

Back then, the idea of getting a bachelor’s degree became something I started to dread the thought of, and I started to wonder if I even needed a degree and instead just knuckle down and begin full time work? It wasn’t until after coming across ICMS that everything changed. After attending the open day in 2016 and meeting the bubbly and enthusiastic staff and students, I knew this place was like no other. The magnificent views and prime location over Manly Beach, the small intimate class sizes without lecture halls and the fact that full time study was only 2-3 days were just a few of the draw cards for me.

To start off my journey at ICMS, I was fortunate enough to receive Early Entry which meant that I had secured my position within the College before taking my HSC, which was an enormous stress relief. Not long after, I applied for the ICMS Professional Scholarship, in which I fortunately achieved. This is not only an honour, but an incredible privilege.

Following on from this, I decided to apply as a Student Ambassador, which was a way I could give back to the college whilst also completing my studies. I was thrilled to find out that I had been chosen as one of the successful applicants. Becoming a student Ambassador gave me the opportunity to build a strong network and friendship with other amazing, like-minded Ambassadors, students, teachers and staff. It also gave me the chance to do things that were out of my comfort zone, which I am forever thankful for today.

In the short two years that I have been here, I have experienced so much in so little time, from representing ICMS at The Polo International in Richmond, to working both front and back of house at The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and the popular Manly Jazz Festival. The opportunities here at ICMS are truly endless.

One of the amazing benefits about studying at ICMS is the approximately 9 months Industry Training that you complete in your second year of study. This year, I was lucky enough to have secured my Internship with an events company. With the variety of challenges and hurdles we have had this year with COVID-19 and especially studying Event Management, I started to have doubts about the industry I was becoming involved in. However, I was determined to still give it my all and really immerse myself in the company to prove my worth.

Just one month ago, before completing all of my Internship hours, I was offered a part-time job with my intern events company as the Social & Events Coordinator.

It just goes to show that during a global pandemic, and being deemed an industry to severely crash, event companies are learning to adapt to these changes in circumstances and thrive in a new look future. Securing this job has given me first-hand experience and has now put me above other graduates when looking for further employment outside my studies. This whole experience this year has made me realise just how important having a tertiary education under your belt is, especially with the scarcity of jobs available now and beyond. I cannot stress how crucial having a degree backing you is, moving forward.”