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Why study a Marketing Degree?

Why study a Marketing Degree?

September 6, 2023

Prepare for a successful career in marketing by investing your time and energy into a marketing degree. Learn why a higher education qualification that spans diverse industries will help you ace your career goals.

What is marketing?

“Marketing is a diverse and multi-discipline skill set that can take you across industries as well as combine a passion for creativity with business acumen,” ICMS Marketing Senior Program Manager Nicole Venter explains.

Marketing is an exciting and dynamic career choice. New marketing methods, including advances in digital marketing and marketing automation, mean that this sector is constantly evolving and innovating. These new tools are being used alongside traditional methods such as TV, radio, mail, and word-of-mouth.

Having a marketing degree sets you apart from colleagues who do not have higher education as you will have processed detailed coursework, gained hands-on experience, and been upskilled in the latest marketing trends.

With a master degree in marketing, Nicole is well placed to explain the advantages of studying a marketing degree.

“Studying marketing has led me to work with some of Australia’s leading brands and CEOs, across everything from the retail, to transport, financial entertainment industry and more.”

These brands include MYER, Qantas, MasterChef, GlueStore, Metcash and Dreamworld among others.

“I have loved working on campaigns that have become part of Australia’s cultural identity and am still passionate about researching and understanding how consumers think, which is ever evolving.”

Why study a marketing degree?

A degree in any field sets you apart from colleagues without tertiary education because of the in-depth course work and practical experience a marketing degree gives you.

“For entry level employability, marketing and digital marketing are ranked as some of the most popular entry points for emerging graduates. This makes it an industry with job security, travel opportunities and ongoing learning given the dynamic nature of the career,” Nicole said.

“You will have a career that is highly flexible, always in demand, is constantly evolving and is a core skill no matter where your career takes you.”

What do Marketing Degree graduates and students say?

Study Marketing

*  Juliette Wilson graduated with an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Marketing) in 2022. Current role: Content Creator in a Sydney based Media Organisation.

Previous roles included an internship at The Mint Partners, and as a Digital Producer for ICMS. Her top skills are Social Media Strategy, Video Editing, Content Creation, Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

“I realised that when you choose to study marketing you don’t have to do just one thing, and your career won’t ever be the same, repetitive thing every day.

“In marketing, you channel both the analytical and logical left side of your brain, as well as the creative and artistic right side. So that’s why I decided to study a Bachelor of Business (Marketing)”.

*  Liam Webb graduated with an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Marketing) in 2020. He is currently a Digital Integrations and Analytics Specialist at Norths Collective in Sydney, NSW.

“A highlight of my time at ICMS was my internship with the Giltrap Group, a leading automotive group based in Auckland during my second year.

“Over my 30 weeks there, no two weeks were the same and I learned a tremendous amount. Off this experience I gained a role part-time as a Marketing Coordinator with Norths Collective, an opportunity I would not have got without my ICMS WIL experience. This provided me with a springboard to progress through the company… ICMS certainly excels at creating employable graduates.“

Isaac earl marketing

*  Isaac Earl is a current ICMS Bachelor of Business (Marketing) student.

“The best thing about working in the marketing industry is the creativity you can use and putting your own personal touch on campaigns when speaking to the target audience.

“It is also very rewarding to see the results of your efforts, for example, seeing an increase in bookings or views on the blog you created.”

4 reasons why you should study a marketing degree at ICMS

At ICMS the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree is focused on practical skills and industry experience.

“Marketing is a growth area and with digital and social marketing such a vibrant industry, I think it gives students a broad choice, while still having that safe-bet business degree,” Nicole said.

  1. Industry-specific curriculum: Our social and digital media subjects have been created by highly respected professionals in web design, AI, digital content creation and strategy to enable students to have the most up-to-date industry skills in these areas, students work on real life case studies and have access to masterclasses and workshops from active professionals to improve their employability.
  2. Industry-aligned tools: ICMS uses industry tools like WordPress, WGSN research and the like in class assessments.
  3. Industry experts: ICMS lecturers are still working in agencies or have retired at the top of their field as CMOs, CEOs, researchers and Creative Directors.
  4. Industry partners: The ICMS Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program gives students the opportunity to undertake an internship with one of over 1000 ICMS industry partners during their degree.

This offers real life work experience that can boost resumes, as well as cultivate connections and networks that will enhance employability post-graduation.

The ICMS Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree is made up of 26 subjects in total.

This includes:

  • 12 Core business subjects.
  • 6 Specialisation subjects, which are marketing specific. These include Marketing (MKT101A), Consumer Behaviour (MKT102A), Digital Marketing (MKT103A), Integrated Marketing Communications (MKT201A), Marketing Strategy (MKT301A) and Marketing Analytics and Big Data (MKT302A) among others.
  • 6 elective subjects, from across the specialisations offered at ICMS. Electives are drawn from the bachelor degrees offered in the fields of business, sports management, property, accounting, entrepreneurship, hospitality, event management, fashion and global brand management and international tourism.
  • 2 WIL subjects – students gain up to 600 hours in a tailored internship with an ICMS industry partner.

“All these factors make the marketing degree at ICMS all about getting students the right skills to build the marketing career they want,” Nicole said.

What kind of career can you follow with a marketing degree?

The sky is the limit with a marketing degree as the skills are transferrable across every industry.

Career options include, but are not limited to:

Marketing Manager

Social Media Manager

Business Development Manager

Business Analyst

Marketing Strategist

Communications Director

EDM Specialist

e-Commerce Specialist

Creative Director

Brand Manager

And more!

To find out more about the ICMS Bachelor of Business (Marketing), click here.


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