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Dyan Suaco

Dyan Suaco

Local experience leads to full time role in Australia for International ICMS graduate

“In my almost five years of working in various companies, the hospitality industry undeniably fosters a culture of care. Despite the long hours on some days, there is teamwork, communication, and concern. Service transcends from the guests to colleagues. Each staff member – from the kitchen, front desk, housekeeping, engineering, food and beverage, and admin – works together to deliver the ultimate guest experience whilst ensuring the well- being of each individual employee. Working in the hotel industry also creates a professional network to help further grow in the industry. This includes experienced colleagues and regular clients. Not to mention enjoying the beautiful views from the hotel, free learning and development trainings, and discounted accommodation across the world”

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) alumnus Dyan Suaco is working full time in her dream industry as a result of hard work, ICMS Industry Training, networking, and supportive mentors. Suaco, from the Phillipines, graduated with an ICMS Master of Management (Tourism and Hospitality) in 2021. During her Masters degree, she was the recipient of an ICMS Postgraduate (Innovation) Scholarship.
“Industry Connections, Personalised Approach, Relevant Modules, and Commendable Grants all made it a no-brainer to pick ICMS and I indeed have no regrets since,” she said of her choice to study at ICMS.

As part of Suaco’s postgraduate degree, she undertook industry training as a part-time event coordinator at Konnect Learning, organised by the ICMS Work Integrated Learning program (WIL).“The opportunity to be a part-time event coordinator at Konnect Learning provided me with the credibility, practical knowledge, and relevant skills set to pursue my career in a dynamic industry,” Suaco said.

Valuable industry experience serves as the foundation for an accelerated career growth

“Being led by a hands-on General Manager also allowed me to have a mentor in driving my career path and navigating through the hiccups brought by the pandemic. In spite of just six months in the company, I was able to grasp key concepts about the events industry, learn various systems and softwares, and develop a professional network – all major factors as I applied for a role in my dream industry.”

As an international student, Suaco valued the opportunity to gain experience in Australia, and has since landed a fulltime role as Sales Coordinator of The Langham, Sydney and Global Sales Office, Australia at Langham Hospitality Group.
“Gaining local experience whilst I was studying was a great way to maximise my time on a student visa and be exposed to a professional workplace environment as I learn about the Australian job market.”
It was this “local” experience that prompted Suaco to choose ICMS, located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the City of Sydney, after completing her undergraduate degree in the Philippines.

“The work placement offered by ICMS was one of the deciding factors for me to complete my Masters degree. Not only does ICMS take pride in their long list of reputable partners, they also provide guidance on interviews, resumes, and other tips to succeed in our careers irrespective of any industry,” Suaco said.

Dyan picked ICMS for its niche, specialised offers and personalised learning

Smaller classes and the nurturing approach of ICMS, with the aim to mentor students to reach their individual potential, was also an attraction.

“Having graduated from a massive university in the Philippines, the pitch of a smaller classroom setting was appealing. It meant easier yet deeper dialogues with lecturers and classmates, and personalised learning approaches.

The course units and subject outlines were also relevant and timely which meant that the college ensured its students received the most up-to-date learning experience. Lastly, the scholarship opportunities provided by ICMS exemplified their concern for their students and value for education. Being granted the Postgraduate (Innovation) Scholarship motivated me to become more involved in many ICMS activities – as the college offered a wide array of co-curriculars to aid in developing students’ professional skills – such as the Student Representative Council. Not only did the scholarship aid me and my family financially, it boosted my credentials and confidence.”

Advancing her career through her Masters degree

Suaco said she was very appreciative of the ICMS community for providing both the technical and practical knowledge to exponentially further her career.
“The courses were definitely relevant to the ongoing needs and demands of the industry; for example, I took an events elective on Sustainability with Dr Mirrin Locke which has influenced me to be part of our hotel’s sustainable efforts committee.

The lecturers were always ready to assist, which made learning feel very seamless, and allowed for easier communication in regards to questions surrounding the subject matter as well as career advice,” she said.
“Having a particular degree in tourism and hospitality has provided me with an understanding of the strategies and objectives specific to this sector to possess a critical mind and offer valuable insights in the workplace.

All staff members, especially in the Student Centre and WIL team, have also taken the time to understand my own needs and work with me to achieve my goals. During my stay in ICMS as a postgraduate student, I was driven to succeed and take on my professional goals.”

Where to next for Dyan?

As for where Suaco sees herself in 10 years’ time? If she continues on her professional path, the sky is the limit. “I look forward to continually excel in my role and be in a managerial position in 10 years’ time. That is, potentially a Sales Manager or Associate Director of Sales. I also hope to have my own Wedding Event Coordinator business, specialising in intimate weddings. I believe that ICMS has provided me with the confidence to grow my career, especially as my lectures focused on tourism and hospitality, which included event management, marketing, and sustainability. While progressing in the industry, I likewise aspire to offer relevant advice and support international students as they go through the same journey I had.”

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