ICMS Is the Professional Mentor

ICMS will be your Professional Mentor throughout your journey, preparing you to achieve your future career ambitions.

What is the ICMS Professional Mentor?

ICMS as the professional mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor to our students. We have created a personal environment that includes both informal and formal transmission of knowledge to help our students to achieve personal success in their professional lives.

As an institute of higher education, at the heart of everything we do is the desire to equip each individual student with the educational and practical tools needed to be career-ready and to succeed in the industry in which each student has chosen to carve out a career.

The ICMS Professional Mentor Eco-System

  • The Mentor Connector

    We have created an online space for formal mentoring to take place between our Alumni, Industry Partners, and students. This online community is a career focused group of people passionate about giving back to the next generation of leaders. Don't miss out, sign up to our professional mentoring platform and connect with experts working in the field who can help you on your career journey.

  • Scholarships

    Each year ICMS provides a comprehensive range of scholarship opportunities for new and current students. There are merit scholarships as well as financial assistance scholarships because as Professional Mentors, we want to offer the opportunity and a platform for all students to achieve at the highest level, whatever their circumstances.

  • Career Placement Mentor

    Alongside academia is the Work Integrated Learning team (Also known as Career Placement managers or Placement Facilitators), supporting you in your bid to acquire practical skills to bolster what you learn from books, to help you network before you even graduate, and to give you real-world experience that will put you ahead of graduates who leave their college with an empty resume.

  • Student Success Centre

    The SSC supports students individually, whether this support is for academic, English language or numeracy reasons. Counselling is also available to any student who requires it.

  • Student Advisors

    Our student advisors (Also referred to as our development team) will individually counsel you on your chosen course. They will make sure the course you are interested in is the perfect fit for you and will get you into the career of you dreams. All students are asked to attend an interview before starting a degree with us to make sure they get the one-on-one advice needed before starting their higher education studies.

  • Small Interactive Classes

    ICMS keeps classes small, so no student is overlooked or left behind. The academic faculty not only impart knowledge, but also individually support each student while teaching a 'real world' curriculum, all aimed at producing job-ready graduates who can confidently and capably take place in the working world.

  • Industry Training

    All ICMS degrees include Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subjects in which students undertake a placement with an industry partner (also known as Industry Training or Internship). This provides an optimal learning experience by combining practical 'real world' experience with a strong academic foundation.

  • Peer Assisted Learning (PALS)

    PALS is a program where high performing students assist others in specific areas of their studies. These students act as mentors to their peers, reflecting ICMS' overall Professional Mentor ethos and encouraging a nurturing and inclusive environment on campus.

  • Pathway to Success

    An entire first year subject - Pathway to Success - is devoted to helping students transition to employees, elevating employability potential by focusing on communication and the tools that will help ICMS students get the job they want.

  • 21st Century Graduate Capabilities (Transmission of Knowledge)

    The ICMS Academic faculty have the knowledge and expertise you need to excel in your chosen field. Our courses have been designed by industry experts, in conjunction with faculty, to develop 21st Century Graduate Capabilities. This means you are taught by the best to ultimately become the best you can be in your chosen field.