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James Trickey

James Trickey

Why did you choose to study at ICMS? What factors influenced your decision?

The two main factors behind choosing to studying at ICMS were industry training and the scholarship structure. Industry training was a fundamental aspect to the sports management course and the fact that I got a scholarship with the ability to network and work with the employees acted as a great stepping stone for my career.

Why did you choose to study your particular course?

Firstly, it offered a variety of pathways, which allowed me to find my feet. Secondly, I love sport so much, and thirdly it was very convenient and offered lots of opportunities

How would you describe the quality of teaching staff at ICMS? How have they supported you during your studies to date?

The lecturers shared valuable real life experiences. Overall I had some great lecturers that made me think outside the box. And they were very understanding, especially when I had my computer crash in my last term!

What were your highlights from your course?

  • Conrad (lecturer) in sports psychology was awesome as he was so passionate about the topic and had so much knowledge of the subject.
  • Overall the friends I have made will be with me for years to come (either in the workplace or as friends).
  • Putting everything I have learned together, as well as pursuing my passion for the Sports Project was rewarding and opened my mind to the work needing to be done to create my own business.

What scholarships have you been awarded?

  • Professional Scholarship awarded in 2013
  • TC Grad Scholarship 2015

What motivated you to apply for a scholarship at ICMS?

The importance being a scholarship recipient will have on my resume was a motivating factor. I truly believed that I could get one but I was stoked when I achieved my ultimate goal of acheiving two scholarships.

Where and when did you complete your industry training?

In June 2014, I was selected to work as a Sport and Recreation Attendant at One&Only Hayman Island, which is located south of the Great Barrier Reef. It was a paid position for four months. To read all about James’ industry training experience, click here.

What were you highlights during your time at ICMS?

  • I made the Dean’s list three times
  • Being awarded two Scholarships
  • On Industry Training, being awarded the Hayman Island employee of the month
  • Networking with prestigious Hayman Island guests
  • Connecting with various CEO’s and GM’s in their respective industries.

What advice would you give to someone considering study at ICMS?

Try everything the college has to offer and get involved with the wider community.


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