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John Aguilan

John Aguilan

Marvellous Moët Hennessy Australia Opportunity for ICMS Master’s student

Despite the global Covid-19 pandemic, International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) Master of International Business graduate John Aguilan managed to maximise his ICMS Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement at the prestigious Moët Hennessy Australia(MHA), which has led to full time employment at Whiting Holdings Inc.
WIL is incorporated into every ICMS undergraduate and postgraduate degree, and the industry training allows students like John Aguilan to not only test their academic knowledge in the workplace, but also to build networks and meet future employers.

Enhancing his professional skills and employability through WIL

This was the case with John Aguilan, a Philippine national who completed his Master’s in 2021 at ICMS, located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the city campus in Sydney.
John Aguilan shares “I completed my ICMS Industry training at Moët Hennessy Australia (MHA). Securing industry training in the midst of the pandemic was such a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and acquire a new set of skills because everything is new. You can doubt yourself, but when you are surrounded by a supportive team and company, you become resilience and realise you can achieve things you never imagined can do due to limited work experience in the industry or in Australia,” Aguilan said.

Gaining international experience at the early stage of his career

“Moet Hennessy Australia was able to help me in my career. Having a limited experience in the wine and spirits industry, they told me everything can be learnt in the business and support will always be there if I want to learn something else in the finance department aside from Internal control to maximise my internship with MHA.

As a result, after completing my industry training, I was able to secure a job at MHA as credit officer and since then a lot of opportunities have come my way.”

MHA is part of the global LVMH group, which according to Rebellion Research, has 75 houses and, in 2020, secured €44.7billion in revenue with 150000 employees worldwide. The group is synonymous with luxury, specialising in wines and spirits, fashion and leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewellery and more.

ICMS, Big enough to connect you, small enough to connect with you

“Working in a diverse company like Moët Hennessy you meet a lot of people with different backgrounds. You collaborate with them and, at the same time, learn from them since they have been in the business for many years. They share everything they can so I will have an edge to others when applying for a job. I am grateful to ICMS for facilitating my work placement. Moët Hennessy gave me a truly remarkable and unforgettable work experience,”Aguilan said.
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How John Aguilan’s Master of International Business directed his career

Aguilan believes that his ICMS postgraduate qualification has helped him achieve personal success in his professional life. “I’m currently working at Whiting holdings Inc as a Credit officer. The nature of the business is completely different – from wine and spirits to aluminium and steel – which I like since I was able to explore and learn from different industries,” Aguilan said.
“Having work experience also known as industry training at MHA opened a lot of opportunities for me to achieve my professional goals, which includes becoming flexible enough to tackle any role. Having experience in different industries or roles will give you an edge in this competitive corporate world. I believe having a degree like the ICMS Master of International Business will help me to achieve these goals,”he said.

About the Master of International Business

The Master of International Business focuses on increasing understanding of the way in which global businesses function, the challenges they face and the complex environments in which they operate.

International organisations expect managers and leaders to demonstrate highly-developed business knowledge, as well as specialised skills in cross cultural management, international finance and strategic planning. These skills are crucial to effective decision making and the sustainable management of an organisation.

The course provides advanced, transferable, conceptual and professional skills through a program of student-centred learning and research experience in an industry setting.

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