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Lucy Mclachlan

Lucy Mclachlan

Direct Sales Consultant, Hamilton Island Enterprises

“I studied at ICMS because I liked the idea of studying business with a tourism focus since I love to travel! My industry training experience was invaluable and during my final two years at ICMS I continued to work casually with my industry training employer – Swain Tours. In my current role at Hamilton Island Enterprises, I work with the general public to create hotel and flight bookings suited to their needs.”

What is your current role and outline your professional experience?

In my current role as Direct Sales Consultant with Hamilton Island Enterprises, I work in the Direct Sales Team based in Sydney. With my knowledge of the local and international markets, I work with the general public to create hotel and flight bookings suited to their needs. During my time at ICMS I worked as a part time supervisor with Merlin Enterprises for companies such as Madame Tussauds, Sea Life and Legoland.

What career achievements are you especially proud of?

At Hamilton Island Enterprises, I was nominated for an Eminence Award and received a Silver Award for ‘teamwork.’ I was also the top salesperson and won many incentives for my high performance, even though I had limited sales experience at the time.

How has your ICMS degree contributed to you achieving your professional goals?

Connections are invaluable. I have made contacts through former students and lecturers, industry training and extra-curricular activities. The opportunity to be interviewed for the role at Hamilton Island was made possible through a connection made at ICMS. In addition to that, in all my working roles I have used skills developed at ICMS from business and tourism specialty subjects.

What were the major factors contributing to your decision to study at ICMS?

I wanted to study business because it covers a broad range of employment opportunities. I liked the idea of being able to study tourism with my business degree. ICMS was the only place that offered this mix.

Tell us about your industry training placement experience.

My industry training experience at Swain Tours was invaluable. During my final two years at ICMS I continued to work casually with Swain Tours.

What were the highlights during your time at ICMS?

  • My exchange term at Cesar Ritz College in Switzerland. It was an incredible experience to study in a new country and travel to new places on weekends. I have lifelong memories from this trip.
  • I was also awarded a Full Academic Scholarship for my third year of study. My hard work was acknowledged and I appeared on the Dean’s List twice.
  • Lastly, I worked for the Communications Team and Student Mentor Programs which I loved.

What advice would you give to someone considering study at ICMS?

ICMS is a place full of connections. At ICMS I made wonderful friends who I still see today. We share the same passion for success and formed a special bond I don’t think would have been possible anywhere other than ICMS.  My advice is to be open to the new opportunities that ICMS presents you with and get involved in the different networks.


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