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Direct Entry Scheme

Receive Conditional Acceptance before Christmas!

By applying directly through the ICMS Direct Entry Scheme (DES) you may be eligible to receive Conditional Acceptance before Christmas! How?

Earn a Conditional Acceptance by attending an Application Interview.

Due to lockdown, postponement of exams, and the delays in HSC results and ATARs being released, ICMS are offering all Australian and New Zealand students applying to study at ICMS in February 2022 the chance to receive a conditional acceptance before Christmas by attending a personal Application Interview as part of the Direct Entry Scheme (DES).

This year, the ICMS personal approach to the Admissions process is more important than ever.

We pride ourselves on our personal approach to the admissions process. At ICMS you are always more than your ATAR. This is why we want to take the time to get to know you, and discover what makes you unique – even before your results come out. This is only possible at a smaller institution, where you are more than a number.

Your interview allows us to get to know you as a person, ask you about your career goals, and find out why you’ve chosen your study path. It also provides an opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know us.

Then, when your results come out – towards the end of January – your acceptance could simply be a matter of ticking a box to confirm.

And by achieving an offer this side of Christmas you can relax and enjoy your holidays before you start your tertiary studies, knowing that you are on your way!

How to Apply for the Direct Entry Scheme

Applying for the ICMS Direct Entry Scheme is easy. Simply click here and fill out the application form.

Already Applied and looking for an offer before Christmas?

Book your Application Interview here.


What is a Conditional Acceptance and why do I get one if successful?

A Conditional Acceptance means we have offered you a place at ICMS which you have accepted but we just need to wait for your final marks.

We do this because based on your interview we believe you will be a great fit for ICMS and with results coming out so late this year we want to ensure you can still get all your enrolment paperwork done, get your timetable and plan your life well before O-Week.

I have a UAC account too, what does that mean for me?

I have already completed year 12, is the DES for me?

I have received a Conditional Letter of Offer what is that and what do I do now?

Why do I need an interview/what happens if I do not attend an interview?

What documentation do I need?

I am still unsure of the next step can you please summarise it for me!

O-Week and Start Dates