Your first week at ICMS begins with Orientation Week (O-Week). During this action-packed week, you will be introduced to the ICMS community and also to life in Manly. You will learn about the academic side of things, have fun and meet new people who will be sharing your ICMS experience with you.

These are just a few of the things you'll do in O-Week:

  • Enrol in your classes and get your timetable.
  • Meet your classmates.
  • Tour the College and Manly.
  • Attend a surf safety demonstration.
  • Catch the ferry to Sydney for a city tour.
  • Find out more about your programs from our Heads of Program.
  • Attend the Welcome Cocktail Party and Manly night life induction.
  • Enjoy Campus day, full of fun activities.

Below is an example of a February O-Week timetable. You will receive a detailed O-Week Guide closer to your start date. Please note mid-year postgraduate orientation and all year round English orientations may differ. Contact us for for more information: [email protected]

O - Week What Who
Saturday and Sunday Check in On Campus Accommodation
Monday Get Ahead Day New Students 
Tuesday Get Ahead Day New Students
Wednesday Enrolment Day and Cocktail Party New Students (Compulsory)
Thursday Academic Advisory Day New Students  
Friday Campus Day New Students (Compulsory)
Undergraduate O - Week dates
Term Orientation
February 2017 Mon 13th February 17
May 2017 Wed 31st May 17
September 2017 Wed 13th September 17
February 2018 Mon 12th February 18
May 2018 Wed 30th May 18
September 2018 Wed 12th September 18
February 2019 Mon 11th February 19
May 2019 Wed 29th May 19
September 2019 Wed 11th September 19
PG O - Week dates
Term Orientation
February 2017 Monday 13 February 2017
July 2017 Thursday 20 July 2017
February 2018 Monday 12 February 2018
July 2018 Thursday 26 July 2018
February 2019 Monday 11 February 2019
July 2019 Thursday 25 July 2019

Your O-Week Need to Know

How to Guide #1: Logging on to AVANTIS

How to Guide #2: How to update personal information

How to Guide #3: My Academics

How to Guide #4: Enrolling into Classes

How to Guide #5: Accessing my results in AVANTIS

How to Guide #6: How to change or reset your ICMS password

IT Handbook

Parking Regulations