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Culture and Leadership explored in New ICMS subject

Culture and Leadership explored in New ICMS subject

May 30, 2022

A positive corporate culture can be hard to pin down, but you’ll know it when you interact with an organisation. Does the culture of an organisation, store or college make you want to buy what they’re selling, invest in their future, or align with their values?

This is all down to the leadership of these organisations as leaders across industries and workplaces inspire the culture of their organisations. Properly managed, culture can help leaders positively transform organisations that will thrive in the face of challenging times.

Introducing the Culture and Leadership (MGT303A) subject to ICMS

The new International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) subject Culture and Leadership (MGT303A) seeks to empower future leaders with the knowledge of what it takes to create an inclusive and empowering culture in their workplaces.

“The key to this subject is ‘culture’ and how it interacts with and enables leadership to create high performance teams. ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ is a famous quote, from the very well-known management consultant Peter Drucker, that helps explain the importance of this subject for future business leaders,” ICMS CEO Rowan Courtney-O’Connor said.

“Understanding the role of culture in an organisation, how to harness it and how to develop constructive culture will drive everything else.”

The need for Culture and Leadership

Culture can be identified in the ethos of an institution, in how colleagues interact within their team and with clients and customers. A strong culture results in less employee turnover as team members feel valued and recognised, and pull towards a common goal.

Satisfied yet motivated employees drive productivity in a scenario where as one team member is lifted, everyone rises.

As a leader, creating a culture where employees are recognised for what they’re worth, and inspired to fulfil their potential, results in greater productivity, a positive work environment and, ultimately, a greater shot at success for individuals and companies than relying on strategy alone.

What students will learn in Culture and Leadership (MGT303A)

In Culture and Leadership (MGT303A), culture is explored as a core element of business, management and leadership. Topics include an introduction to culture, leadership culture, how organisational culture develops, how culture can drive organisational performance, examining contemporary culture issues and looking at how culture can influence strategic decision-making.

The subject also includes the use of a personality psychometric test: Hogan MVPI (Motives, Values, Preferences, Inventories).

The test reveals the inside of personality, and enables students to describe the core goals, values, drivers, and interests that determine what they desire and strive to attain. By assessing values, leaders can understand what motivates people to succeed, and in what type of position, job, and environment or culture they will be the most productive.

*Culture and Leadership (MGT303A) is available under ICMS undergraduate degrees. Click here for more information.


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