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First ICMS Fashion Graduates Land Incredible Roles

First ICMS Fashion Graduates Land Incredible Roles

August 25, 2021

The first fashion graduates of the Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) are now landing incredible roles within this trillion-dollar industry! It’s an exciting time for those who are just beginning their career journey into the ever-evolving fashion industry.

It’s equally exciting for ICMS to see this popular new degree produce a new generation of successful industry-ready fashion graduates.

Fashion is growing at 2.6% annually, with over 489,000 individuals employed throughout Australia (1). This industry has many incredible pathways and opportunities for fashion graduates to pursue, from fashion buying and design to creative styling. Who wouldn’t want to work in this exciting and creative industry?

One of the first fashion graduates, Monique Marsh (pictured above centre) has recently landed an incredible role as Brand Partnerships Manager at The Archive Place, which is an e-commerce contemporary fashion outlet housing brands such as Hansen and Gretel, Free People and Matteau.

Monique chose to study at ICMS because of the practicality of the degree. She explains, “I appreciated being able to gain a business degree while also allowing myself to be a creative with the fashion aspects. You don’t find this type of degree anywhere else in Sydney!”

The blend of core business subjects , together with fashion specialisation subjects is what makes the Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) at ICMS unique. “It’s not entirely fashion focused, which could have narrowed down the use of my degree upon graduation,” Monique pointed out.

“This bachelor degree is so flexible. It  had the potential to take me down different pathways, while studying my passion,” she added.

Designed by fashion and retail professionals with an industry-relevant curriculum, students study a range of fashion and business focused subjects, from Styling and Creative Direction, to Brand Management and Product Innovation. Program Manager Nicole Venter was also involved in the degree design: “When we designed the course, we made it a priority to incorporate as many tools and real-life skills into the tutorial activities and assessments as we could. I am a firm believer in practical, hands-on learning versus theory and wanted the fashion graduates to be able to work in their industries and feel they could add value from day one. I am very proud that we have lecturing staff whom are academics, while also very knowledgeable about industry and work hard for the students.”

ICMS fashion graduates have a wide range of career pathways to explore. These include:

  • Brand Manager
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Fashion Buyer
  • Digital Marketer
  • Retail Manager
  • Fashion Marketing Manager
  • Brand Strategist
  • Fashion Planner
  • Retail Strategy and Operations
  • Product Development Manager
  • e-Commerce Manager

As a Brand Partnerships Manager, fashion graduate Monique works to build relationships between the brand, its clients and customers.

When asked about why she loves the fashion industry, Monique replied, “Being creative and expressing your inner-self through the way you look is a key aspect of human expression.”

Whether it’s working in design, retail or brand management, the fashion industry has no shortage of opportunities to express individuality and creativity. Along with an excellent curriculum, students also complete a minimum of 600 hours of Industry Training – as part of their degree. Not only does this allow students to get an idea of what it’s like to work in the fashion industry, it also provides them with hands-on experience and valued industry contacts that fashion graduates can then take on into their future careers. “I’m impressed by the quality of the course materials and strong industry connections.” said Ms Venter.  “I’ve seen programs with 1-2 week internships and very little career support, which makes it tough when you’re first entering the industry.”

With the first lot of fashion graduates beginning their careers with incredible roles, it’s no doubt the ICMS fashion degree sets students up for success within the fashion world. There has never been a better time to kick-start your career in this exciting and fast-growing industry!


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Fashion Graduates Study Bachelor of Business Management (Fashion and Global Brand Management)

It takes more than just innovative designs to build a successful fashion brand. Experts in marketing, merchandising, logistics, sales, retailing and more, contribute to bringing a product from the runway to the racks of our favourite stores. You don’t need to be the next Anna Wintour or Gianni Versace to make an impact though; if you’re passionate about fashion, studying fashion and global brand management is the best way to learn about what fuels this fascinating, multi-trillion dollar industry.

The ICMS Bachelor of Business Management (Fashion and Global Brand Management) degree blends core business subjects with specialised subjects relating to fashion and brand management, providing you with the perfect foundation for a successful career in fashion, retail or brand management.

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