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How to become a Content Creator

How to become a Content Creator

August 28, 2023

Ever wondered how to become a content creator?

ICMS alumnus Calum McKnight graduated with an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Marketing) in 2021, and by July 2022 he had co-founded Flex Media, a full-service media production company specialising in content creation and creative execution for agencies and brands.

The company operates globally, with offices in Sydney and Los Angeles. Flex Media works with service agencies and brands direct, specialising in agile content production, building communities, and partnering with teams to sync vision, strategy and creativity.

Specialising in concept development, social media video production, campaign and event video production has enabled Flex Media to attract brands from Nike to Best Buy, Hype Beast and Timberland among others.

It’s about getting more than just ‘results’, Calum said.

“I always start with the Why for brands. Why capture this video? Why invest the money? Why is this story compelling? It’s easier that way – create for purpose, captivate your audience, increase sales and enjoy the process.”

By offering creative consultancy, production, as well as post-production and distribution, Flex Media helps brands reach their audiences, communicate their goals, and amplify their message.

This is done through on-demand content, digital and physical experiential activations, and strategic distribution.

How to become a Content Creator – Calum’s journey

  1. Be involved

Calum was active as a student at ICMS, located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the city of Sydney.

“My aim was to get involved as much as I could,” Calum said.

He took advantage of living a few minutes’ walk away from famous Manly Beach, becoming involved in the ICMS Surf Club, eventually becoming vice-captain of the club.

He was also a member of the SRC, he was a PALs Mentor, a high academic achiever (GPA 4.1/5) and a scholarship winner.

By being involved in the student community and activities, he widened his circle and learned from fellow students and lecturers alike.

This also enabled him to be flexible in his studies, as he switched from property to marketing in the course of his studies.

“When I started studying I had no idea what I wanted to do. I’ve learned that what you think you’re going to do is going to be the complete opposite to what you actually end up doing.”

  1. Be a People Person

For Calum, networking was more than just a buzzword; it was about building relationships, and not just pursuing events or people solely for their use to him.

“I don’t really like the word ‘networking’. I think people like to work with people. That’s what I have learned from starting my own business,” Calum said.

“You can have a great website, brand name and portfolio, but at the end of the day, you are working with another person. So, for me, ‘networking’ is more about building relationships over time.”

  1. Lifelong Learning

Surrounding yourself with contemporaries of similar ambition and mindset helps you keep going when the going gets tough.

At ICMS, Calum found himself in a circle of friends who are now also, as alumni, making an impact in their chosen industries outside of college.

They inspire and motivate each other to keep pursuing personal and professional goals.

“Study at ICMS because skills compound over time,” Calum said.

“We’ve all got access to what our friends are doing, how well they are achieving in their careers, and we can compare salaries and excitement about what’s to come.

“Very quickly, ICMS gave me a circle of friends who are pretty driven – but who also like to have fun – and when I see where they are now it’s pretty exciting and it drives me further.”

  1. Add Content Creation to your degree

The demand for content creators across a broad spectrum of industries will continue to grow as the digital landscape evolves. Companies are looking for ways to enhance their brand presence in the digital space.

If you are able to create engaging and effective content the sky is the limit.

Among core business subjects and marketing specialist subjects, the ICMS Bachelor of Business (Marketing) offers content creation specific subjects such as:

* Social Content Creation (MKT304A) – Exploring the fundamentals of creating visual content to effectively build brands across social media and e-commerce.

* Advanced Social Media Marketing (MKT305A) – Delving into the importance of social media in the marketing industry and how evolving social tools are being used to re-shape campaigns and media buying.

* E-Commerce (FBM303A) – An introduction to the technological platforms behind E-commerce that have led to a convergence of technology and business.

* Blogging Your Way to Fame (BUS302A) – Harnessing the power of social media, with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly content that connects with an audience and builds a strong and engaged client base.

To find out more about the ICMS Bachelor of Business (Marketing), click here.

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