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100% of March 2023 ICMS graduates already have a job*

100% of March 2023 ICMS graduates already have a job*

April 6, 2023

Every member of the cohort that graduated at the ICMS March 2023 Graduation Ceremony are currently working, according to a recent Internal Graduate Survey 2023*.

The internal survey was undertaken at the ICMS Northern Beaches campus, and was completed by 62 respondents of the graduating cohort.

The survey revealed:

  • 100% of ICMS graduates have a job.*
  • 38% of graduates have a job at the same company as their WIL placement*

The reality that every student who graduated at our March ceremony is already employed and on their way to professional success in their chosen industry is a scenario that ICMS as a career-focused higher education institution is incredibly proud of.

The survey results are a success indicator of ICMS’ ethos as The Professional Mentor, supporting students on their journey from enrolment through to graduation and beyond.

Career-focused higher education results in meaningful employment

Located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the city of Sydney, ICMS offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and courses.

ICMS prepares its graduates for the workforce, providing practical learning experiences that bridge the gap between academia and industry. The higher education institution’s strong commitment to Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and industry training is key to the high graduate employability rate, with work placements built into each course of study.

The strong relationship ICMS enjoys with over 1000 industry partners contributes greatly to the 100% graduate employment rate highlighted by the survey.

Impressive ICMS Facts and Rankings

The March 2023 Internal Graduate Survey is just the latest in a history of impressive stats and claims from ICMS.

For example:

ICMS’ full time employment rate tops Australia’s best ranked Universities [1] Read more

ICMS is ahead of Go8 in the meaningful area of Skills Development [2] Read more

Top 10 for overall graduate employment in Australia [3] Read more

100% of ICMS degree students graduate with industry experience Read more

100% of ICMS international graduates have a job, 100% of ICMS graduates have a job or had a job within six months of graduation, and 98% of ICMS graduates have a job [4] Read more

ICMS is on the forefront of developing graduates who are well-rounded, equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge, and have the opportunity to build relevant networks required for success in the job market.

The 100% employment rate is a testament to the value of experiential learning and how ICMS sets its students up for success after graduation.

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*Graduates who are engaged in or available for work (In the Labour force). Internal March Graduate Survey 2023. Please note that the employment statistics provided in this article are based on a survey of graduates who are in the labour force and have completed the survey. This excludes individuals who are not in the labour force, including those who are unable to work, as well as those who choose not to work.

[1] QILT Survey 2020, ICMS’ graduate employment of 73.9% is better than both Australian National University (ANU) at 71.3% and the University of Melbourne, measured at 61.1%. ANU was ranked the top Australian University in the 2021 QS World University Rankings Survey, and the University of Melbourne was the top ranked Australian university in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021. Whilst ICMS was not part of either of the above ranking systems, it can be compared like for like with universities and colleges across the country in the QILT survey, which is funded by the Australian government. 
[2] QILT Survey 2019
[3] QILT Survey 2017
[4] Graduates who are engaged in or available for work (in the workforce) and want to work. Those that stated they did not want a job were excluded from the results. Internal November Graduate Survey 2022