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ICMS Ahead of Go8 in Skills Development: QILT

ICMS Ahead of Go8 in Skills Development: QILT

February 26, 2020

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) has scored higher than Group of 8 (Go8) Australian universities in the meaningful area of skills development, as rated by ICMS students in the latest Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) survey.

84.8% of ICMS undergraduate students (above the national average of 81%) and 83.9% of postgraduate students (above the national average of 80.6%) were “positive about their skills development”, based on 466 responses and 168 responses respectively in the 2018/19 QILT survey.

ICMS’ strong showing in skills development aligns with what Minister for Education Dan Tehan said in a statement following publication of the QILT surveys.

“We want our university graduates to achieve more from what they learn,” Tehan said.

“That means graduates who are job-ready with the skills to succeed in their chosen profession. A higher education system that produces high-quality graduates is good for students, good for the economy and ultimately good for the country.”

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, the QILT are a “coherent suite of surveys that cover higher education from commencement to employment”. According to QILT, the surveys provide robust, timely and transparent information about Australian higher education institutions from the perspective of recent students and graduates.

Students were asked several questions around skills development and how their course developed critical thinking skills, independent learning, and work-related knowledge and skills among others.

“The Go8 are among the country’s most prestigious universities and, with respect, it is a feather in ICMS’ cap to compare favourably, and even supersede, these institutions in areas that mean a great deal to our students, such as skills development,” ICMS CEO and president Dr Dominic Szambowski said.

“This points to our continuous striving to providing our students with quality skills development that compares with the best in the country, and which sets our graduates up to be career-ready and ahead of their contemporaries in the competitive job market of the future.”

“We are skills-focused and career-focused, and the QILT survey results show that our students feel they are getting the skills they need to secure satisfying and fulfilling employment when they leave us. We have recently upgraded our courses curriculum and have further aligned our graduate capabilities with what industry are looking for, which means the future is even brighter for our students,” Szambowski said.



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