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ICMS Honours Top Academics at Dean’s List Celebration

ICMS Honours Top Academics at Dean’s List Celebration

March 30, 2023

Hard work, dedication and commitment to academic achievement was celebrated and honoured at the ICMS Dean’s List Ceremony that took place at the Northern Beaches Campus on 23 March.

The Dean’s List recognises and rewards the outstanding academic achievements of the highest ranked student in each cohort of every specialisation at ICMS, Aspire and ISCA. To be eligible, students must enrol in at least three subjects and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.5 out of 5.0 per term. Students are not required to apply for this award but are nominated at the end of every trimester, once final results have been released.

The Dean’s List Ceremony is a chance for students to reflect on their journey and be honoured for their stellar results in the August 2022 Trimester.

Recognition and Motivation

While all students were honoured equally for their academic performance in the August 2022 Trimester, certain students were recognised for making the List multiple times. Claudia Gross, Dean (Postgraduate), a German postgraduate student studying the Master of Management (Tourism and Hospitality Management), pictured above with Dr Leonid Petrov, received her second Dean’s List recognition. She credits the support she has received from the ICMS community for her academic success. “I know that my Dean and my lecturers always have my best interests at heart and I am truly grateful for that support.”

Undergraduate ICMS Bachelor of Hospitality Management student Olivia Turner made the Dean’s List for the fifth time. Her average mark was 88% (GPA average 4.9/5), and as Dr Clark said, “It doesn’t get much better than that”.

Olivia switched career focus after five years in Early Childhood Education to hospitality and events, and chose to study at ICMS to gain the required skills to move into these thriving industries. She spoke of how ICMS has helped her succeed at every step of the way, and her mom, Trish, commented, “I am proud of my daughter. It shows that in the right environment one can really thrive”.

The Dean’s List can also be a motivating factor to students, as it is a prestigious accomplishment that sets qualifying students apart from the rest of their cohort.

For example, ICMS Bachelor of Business (Marketing) student Isaac Earl credits his second time appearance on the list with appearing on it the period before. “When I unexpectedly got onto the Dean’s List the first time, I wanted to be on it again. That recognition motivated me,” he said.

ICMS Dean (Undergraduate) Dr Trevor Clark commented, in recognition of the students’ consistent high achievement: “It’s no accident that they are being recognised today – these are students who consistently strive for excellence.”

August 2022 Trimester Dean’s List

* Undergraduate – Awarded by Dean (Undergraduate) Dr Trevor Clark

Sarah Rosetti 

Bachelor of Business

Olivia Turner 

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Santhi Scott 

Bachelor Event Management

Isabelle Carey 

Bachelor of Business

Alana Williams 

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Isaac Earl 

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Mark Ray 

Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)

Read about Mark’s High Performance Sport career here

In absentia:

Elias Raphael Roesler 

Study Abroad

Holly Moore 

Bachelor of Property (Investment, Development and Valuation)

Monique Riedman 

Study Abroad

Alexey Douriaguine 

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

* Postgraduate – Awarded by Dean (Postgraduate) Dr Leonid Petrov

Kai Everson Sodahl

Master of International Business

Claudia Gross

Master of Management (Tourism & Hospitality Management)

Madeline Mercurio

Master of Management

Krystal Hermann

Study Abroad

Ngoc Thuy Tien Nguyen

Master of International Business

* Former student Dolzy (Diem-Thu) Le, who is now a member of the ICMS community as a full-time staff member in the Registrar department, was also recognised for making the Dean’s List while studying her Master of International Business.

At the time, she missed the Dean’s List ceremony owing to Covid restrictions. This time around, she delivered an inspiring speech tracing her journey from student to alumna, as well as recognising and congratulating her classmates. To read an edited version of Dolzy’s speech, click here.

* Read 5 x Dean’s List student Olivia Turner’s Top 5 Tips on how to Maximise your GPA and get on the Dean’s List here.

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