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Impressive Interns: Most ICMS Graduates asked to stay on at Placement Company

Impressive Interns: Most ICMS Graduates asked to stay on at Placement Company

January 30, 2024

The same company where ICMS graduates completed their WIL placements asked 76% of them to stay on, according to a November 2023 Internal Graduation Survey*.

The numbers show that ICMS graduates are in demand, work-ready, and are offering the skillsets that industry requires.

“While on placement, most of our graduates impressed their team and employers enough to be asked to stay on,” said ICMS CEO Rowan Courtney-O’Connor.

“This reflects ICMS’ ongoing efforts to ensure our students embody employability.”

Employability refers to the ability of a person to get and keep a job and to grow in their career. It includes both technical and soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

“The results of the Internal Graduate Survey shows we are producing work-ready graduates. They fit seamlessly into the industries of their choice, even while still students.”

WIL = students in the workplace

All ICMS students complete Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subjects as part of their degrees. These professional placements, or internships, are incorporated into their study program. This means students are off campus and immersed in industry for up to 600 hours in the middle of their studies.

With over 1000 industry partners aligned to ICMS, students of all specialisations are placed in a role designed to reinforce their academic learning through practical application in the field in which they will work after graduating.

It’s an opportunity to learn on-the-job. They can take what they’ve learned back into the classroom while finishing the degree.

For many of the latest cohort of graduates, this led to them being asked to stay on at their WIL placement company after completing their degree.

Internships = Employability

ICMS was the sole private provider finalist in the Employability category at the AFR Higher Education Awards 2023, a reflection of the emphasis the college places on industry-ready graduates.

“The WIL internships are designed to give ICMS students the opportunity to network, make industry connections and impress future employers,” Dr Stuart Wiggins, ICMS Pro Vice Chancellor (Employability), said.

“The WIL placement allows companies to get to know our students. It’s a foot in the door in industry where they start to build their careers. This is the very essence of our employability ethos.”

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*November 2023 internal graduation survey.


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