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9 Top Jobs in the Fashion Industry with a Business Degree

9 Top Jobs in the Fashion Industry with a Business Degree

April 13, 2023

Fashion and business go hand in hand so it makes sense that you can find jobs in the fashion industry with a business degree.

Business is essential for designs to be successful. Without it, brands cannot establish a presence in the minds of consumers. The most attractive designs and lines would not be able to find a market. Business people are integral to the success of fashion.

An ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) degree is a well-rounded business degree with a fashion twist, perfect for a career in this fascinating global industry.

Our pick of 9 Top Jobs in the Fashion Industry with a Business Degree:

  1. Fashion Buyer

Fashion buyers are important individuals within the industry as they help manage the purchasing decisions of manufacturers, designers, or retailers. Understanding the financial implications of buying decisions is particularly vital for buyers, making a degree in business particularly effective for this job.

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  1. Fashion Planner

Fashion Planners are essential for the success of brands and companies. They use their expertise to track fresh industry trends, gauge consumer behaviour, and develop effective strategies that meet or exceed company goals.

  1. Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Managers in the industry are essential for executing successful product launches and staying ahead of competitors. They leverage their exceptional communication skills, research capabilities, data analysis abilities and trend knowledge to increase brand visibility with current consumers as well as attract new audiences.

  1. Fashion Merchandiser

A Fashion Merchandiser analyses data to determine what products will sell best in stores. Working closely with the design and production teams to assess consumer demands, trends, and sales data, merchandisers determine what clothes or footwear will be created in the future.

A business degree is typically required as a high level of analytical and communication skills are required to thrive in such a role.

  1. Retail Management

Fashion is sold via retail outlets, and the retail industry is a vital component of the industry. Stores are run smoothly via inventory management and employee training, and this is where Retail Management is critical.

Retail Managers are responsible for supervising sales, operations and customer service. A business degree gives the necessary knowledge and understanding of retail operations to thrive in this role.

  1. Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing and Public Relations enable the world to see and experience the products of the fashion industry, in order to buy into them. These professionals are essential, but need a business degree to successfully create and execute campaigns, brand strategies and maintain a social media presence.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers in the fashion industry act as key drivers of success, deploying their technical and creative skills to create engaging campaigns that captivate consumers. By staying abreast of cutting-edge digital technologies and strategies across online channels like social media, e-commerce platforms and blogs, these specialists enable clients to achieve maximum reach while augmenting conversions and sales with inspiring content focusing on products.

  1. Brand Manager

Brand Managers in the fashion industry have the unique opportunity to shape and define an iconic image for one of today’s leading brands. The role requires leadership acumen, creative thinking, keen insight into consumer trends and behaviour – all while efficiently managing budgets.

Knowledge on market research needs, along with effective communication strategies between design teams and marketing/sales groups, are essential steps taken towards success; influencing powerful campaigns that resonate with people across generations within this constantly changing field.

ICMS student Ben Hancock shares why he chose to study an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) to secure his future dream job as a brand manager, preferably for a high end luxury brand such as Dior. Read his story here.

  1. e-Commerce Manager

As an E-Commerce Manager in the fashion industry, professionals are tasked with driving online sales and enhancing customer experiences on their respective brand’s digital platform. Ultimately it is up to experienced e-commerce managers to ensure maximum profits for a company through enhancing its ability to conduct business via the web.

What business degree will get you a job in the fashion industry?

The ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) is a unique bachelor degree that combines subjects to create a higher education qualification that will make you marketable and able to straddle both setting trends and leveraging trends for business bonuses.

For example, your degree (comprised of 26 subjects over three years, including 2 Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subjects [industry placement]), includes subjects such as Marketing (MKT101A) and Economics for Managers (ECO201A) alongside fashion and brand management specific subjects such as Visual Merchandising and Design (FBM302A) and Fashion Planning and Buying (FBM202A).

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