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Northern Beaches Council Tourism Plan revealed to ICMS Master’s students

Northern Beaches Council Tourism Plan revealed to ICMS Master’s students

November 16, 2021

Northern Beaches Council recently adopted the tourism plan Destination Northern Beaches: Creating a Sustainable Visitor Economy as a five year strategic initiative aimed at balancing the economic potential of tourism for the region with protection of the environment and the lifestyle of residents.

Economic Development & Tourism from the Northern Beaches Council Team Leader Deb Kempe presented the tourism plan to International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) students studying Strategic Management in Tourism and Hospitality, as part of the Master of Management (Tourism and Hospitality).

The postgraduate students were able to get an overview of the Northern Beaches Council strategy in promoting and encouraging sustainable and beneficial tourism in the area, as well as recover from multiple Covid-19 lockdowns and international border closures.

“Now more than ever we, as destination managers, need to be proactive in managing the impact of our visitor economy in a way that makes the Northern Beaches better, not just economically but also socially and environmentally,” Mayor Michael Regan wrote.

The brand promise of Northern Beaches Council, ‘Altogether Extraordinary’, will be achieved by focusing on yield over volume (maximising tourism experience and spend in the area), and making the region key to Sydney’s place in the world.

For example, one practical resolution of the tourism plan is to make a concerted effort to convert day visitors to overnight visitors, naturally increasing tourism spend.

Destination Management and Destination Marketing will work together to achieve the Northern Beaches Council aim of doubling visitor-spend over the next five years, in line with the Greater Sydney growth rate, and fulfilling the destination statement that… ‘The Northern Beaches is an extraordinary destination offering world class beach and bushland experiences, with vibrant villages that reflect a contemporary coastal lifestyle’.

“It is a pleasure to speak to the next generation of Tourism, Event and Hospitality leaders. The industry is going to bounce back and it’s important for us to get ready for what is to come in an exciting industry,” Kempe said.

“The Northern Beaches needs passionate young minds to take us into a future of growth in this sector.”

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