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Natasha Pasilow

Natasha Pasilow

Natasha Pasilow, ICMS graduate has secured a position as an Operations Coordinator at Compass Group Australia, the largest hospitality catering company in the world.

Natasha started her ICMS journey by receiving a High Academic Placement (HAP) Scholarship to help her complete a Bachelor of Hospitality Management degree. Whilst at ICMS, Natasha spent her time living both on and off-campus , spending time with other students and getting to know her lecturers.

“I enjoyed the real-life experiences, humour and passion which my lecturers would bring into the classroom, and I made some great friends while at ICMS,”said Natasha.

ICMS provides all students with the opportunity to complete a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) component within their courses that provides students real life work experience before entering the professional work environment. Natasha completed her WIL at Fairmont Resort and Spa, Blue Mountains as a food and beverage attendant. She worked as part of the casual dining, buffet and fine dining restaurants, the bar, conference room and events team.

“I found that it gave me a wide experience within the F&B department as well as a good insight into the hotel sector. I think that this placement helped me understand the core components of the hospitality industry, and that perhaps someday I’d like to return to hotels!”

After her placement, Natasha was offered a casual position at the resort and continued working there for close to three years. Her determination to find something to further her career in hospitality led her to the Graduate Future Leaders Program with Compass Group Australia.

This long-term program trains participants through both on-site experience and educational training sessions, preparing graduates for a management role such as Department Head or Site Manager. Natasha is also promised a management position at the end of her program.

“Having finished my degree in May 2020 and waiting for my graduation in November…I was job hunting during Covid-19, and came across the job advertisement on SEEK…I went through several aptitude tests, English/Maths and logic tests, a recorded video interview,  group interview and then an individual interview…and I received the job offer on the day I graduated with my ICMS Bachelor degree!” said Natasha. She was one of four graduates to be accepted into this program.

Compass Group Australia works in catering for a variety of different sectors such as education (e.g. schools), healthcare (hospitals, aged care), corporate and remote areas. Natasha works across all sectors and has the opportunity to learn from site managers at locations including, Kings’ School in Parramatta, HSBC Corporate Office in Barangaroo, Corrs Chambers Westgarth in Martin Place, she also has been placed at Royal Rehab in North Ryde and Google at Sydney Town Hall.

“It’s really rewarding working at alternate locations with different kinds of people, whether those people are corporate clients or school students or hospital patients, and working together with my team to create a unique and personalised experience for each site within Compass Group.”

Reflecting on her time at ICMS, Natasha believes that she has been prepared with professional experience and a strong resume which is the best way to progress in the hospitality industry. She also expressed that whilst studying her Bachelor of Hospitality Management at ICMS, she realised her interest and passion for hospitality, as well as understanding that she was confident in her career path and what she expected from the industry.

Natasha’s advice to current students is to make the most out of networking and getting to know others.

“Find out about opportunities as early as possible…so when the time comes and you’re searching for a job you have ideas, people or experiences which can help you make the best of such opportunities and grab that dream job,” says Natasha.


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