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Jack Parsons

Jack Parsons

ICMS Professional Scholarship recipient, Jack Parsons was “attracted to ICMS from the very start of my search for the best tertiary educational opportunities”.

Jack Parsons’ journey with ICMS

An old boy of The Kings School, Jack was “impressed with the learning format, the connection, history and the opportunity to do relevant workplace experience” at the International College of Management, Sydney. This all led to Jack enrolling and beginning his Bachelor of Hospitality Management in the February intake of 2022.

In the speech he delivered at the ICMS Scholarship Ceremony in March of 2022 Jack recalls that he  loved the size of ICMS and knew in his heart that he would be lost in the crowd if he had chosen to study at a big, traditional university. He went on to remark, “the personalised experience I receive at this higher education institution of ICMS is certainly something that differentiated ICMS from the others”. 

Jack Parsons’ early entry & mentorship ecosystem

Jack recounts “throughout my Early Entry process, I instantly connected to Phil Watson who was warm and encouraging. He is such a strong role model at the college and if he was a sign of the type of support that I would be getting here, I was definitely in. He helped me make my decision, I feel lucky to have him as my student advisor.

Throughout this process, as well, I learned of opportunity to apply for a scholarship, one which I knew was a great opportunity to pursue.  

In my first few months I have met some fantastic teachers and have made some truly great new friends and I am feeling very positive about my future. Being awarded this (ICMS Professionalscholarship has not only helped me financially but has also created great opportunities at ICMS and I think I speak for everyone here when we say how grateful we all are. I feel excited about my future here at ICMS and the career opportunities that lie ahead. “




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