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Learning and Teaching

At ICMS you will learn directly from industry leaders who have worked widely in Australia and internationally with the best universities, leading businesses and industries. They are also joined by our guest speakers who bring their own perspectives on the latest movements in industry, and share their business and management strategies. Meet our academic team here.

  • Learning and Teaching

    At ICMS we are dedicated to your education. We aim to deliver a unique learning experience that prepares you for life and a rewarding future career.

    Aspects of teaching and learning at ICMS that we are particularly proud of include: ICMS Graduate Capabilities that are incorporated into all courses, a curriculum that is designed to apply theoretical knowledge within industry settings through internships and industry opportunities, courses that are designed deliberately with graduate outcomes in mind, assessments that are used responsively as an integral part throughout course delivery, passionate and academically-qualified faculty, an individualised and personalised teaching approach, a connection with professional mentors, a global outlook, and a community engagement ethos.

  • Academic Integrity

    The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS), Aspire Institute, Aspire English and the International Sport College of Australia (ISCA), endeavour to create a culture of academic integrity by encouraging and supporting our students to meet the academic standards and learn with honesty.

    ICMS has considered the academic integrity response to artificial intelligence (AI) tools and updated the Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures in 2022. The revised policies and procedures and a new Academic Integrity Partnerships model are now part of business as usual to ensure the integrity of ICMS degrees. As our context evolves, we will implement further meaningful measures as needed.

  • Academic Scholarship

    In pursuit of building on an existing reputation as an industry leader within the Australian higher education landscape, the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is taking steps to ensure continued scholarly engagement that positively impacts on students, faculty, and industry.

    The appointment of Dr Emma Wong (PhD) as Associate Dean (Scholarship and Civic Leadership) underlines ICMS’ focus and commitment to scholarship, as Dr Wong drives the strategic approach ICMS has taken to build the institution’s academic profile and reputation.

    “One of our strategic goals is the alignment of teaching, learning, and scholarship advances with our distinct disciplines and fields of study, which we are keen to share with wider academic and industry audiences to strengthen ICMS’s scholarly reputation,” ICMS DVC (Learning and Teaching) Dr Heidi Le Sueur (PhD) said.

    “It is our ambition to build our position as a leader among private providers in Australia, known for educational excellence and scholarship with a strong industry focus, thereby reinforcing the value of our institution in the higher education sector and, most importantly, adding value for our students.”

  • ICMS Graduate Capabilities

    Graduate capabilities are the skills and knowledge necessary for graduates to demonstrate confidence, competence and innovation in a specific profession and across disciplines.

    At ICMS, we aspire to equip our students with essential skills that are applicable in a range of contexts in their career and life by the time they graduate. These capabilities (skills) are what employers ask for.

    Graduate capabilities will enhance employment opportunities and lead to success in the future career and life.

  • Learning and Teaching Principles

    ICMS has had a proud history as a provider of high-quality education, equipping graduates with the knowledge and skill sets needed for success. Learning and teaching at the Institution is underpinned by a set of principles which are embedded into all courses.

Hybrid Teaching and Learning at ICMS

The introduction of the “Hybrid Teaching and Learning” delivery mode takes the ICMS study experience to a new level of flexibility.

Hybrid teaching provides ICMS students with flexible learning opportunities and access to equivalent learning experiences, whether in-person, or online (synchronously or asynchronously) attendance. There are benefits to each mode of delivery. Face-to-face learning provides immediate access to teachers and direct communications with other fellow students in the on campus venue. Hybrid synchronous classes give students the freedom to join a live class from anywhere in the world and feel like they are participating in the class. Asynchronous learning allows students to engage with the class content and at time of their choosing so that they will be able to accommodate changing life needs, from work, severe weather impact to self-isolation should this be required.

These modern and interactive classes go beyond a Zoom experience. Skilled teachers facilitate activities that allow you to interact with students physically on campus and those online studying overseas or remotely.

Meet the ICMS Team