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ICMS Welcomes University of Minnesota MBA Students for Study Tour

ICMS Welcomes University of Minnesota MBA Students for Study Tour

June 1, 2023

On Wednesday, May 24, ICMS had the pleasure of welcoming 22 Master of Business Administration (MBA) students from the University of Minnesota.

Despite the chilly weather, the students arrived in Sydney to enjoy a sunny and sparkling day. Their visit commenced with a campus tour, during which they couldn’t help but express their awe, proclaiming ICMS as “the most beautiful campus in the world”.

Global – and Australian – business under the spotlight

The highlight of their visit was a series of lectures held in the prestigious Great Hall, focusing on the topic of Navigating Ambiguity in Global Business. This topic resonated well with the students and sparked insightful discussions. As part of their study tour, the students aimed to explore the unique differences in conducting business in Australia, with a specific interest in legal and employment disparities. At ICMS, they were eager to delve into various aspects, such as different business models within the higher education sector, cultural nuances, student recruitment strategies, and even our approach to addressing the challenges of generative AI.

The day kicked off with a warm welcome from the CEO, followed by a brief introduction to the new ICMS MBA courses. To provide a comprehensive understanding of the Australian higher education market, the students participated in a workshop that showcased ICMS as a case study. The session was facilitated by a panel comprising ICMS CEO Rowan Courtney O’Connor, ICMS DVC (Learning and Teaching) Dr Heidi Le Sueur, and ICMS Dean (Postgraduate) Dr Leonid Petrov, who gladly fielded questions and provided deeper insights.

Morning tea took place on the balcony, offering stunning views of the nearby beaches. This refreshing break was followed by a lecture and workshop exploring the disparities in conducting business between Australia and the USA from a Business Law and Workplace Legislation perspective. Leading the session were ICMS lecturer Jonathan Temporal and Senior Program Manager, Dr James Cooper, who shared their expertise and engaged the students in informative discussions.

Introducing ICMS’ MBA

Throughout the day, the MBA students actively participated and posed numerous questions about ICMS’s new MBA program. They also noted several similarities between their own program and the ICMS’ suite of MBA programs, particularly in terms of the two-year full-time duration and the shared emphasis on developing a Global Mindset.

ICMS is honoured to have hosted these talented MBA students from the University of Minnesota, and we hope their study tour has provided valuable insights and experiences that will enrich their future careers in the global business landscape.


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