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How long does it take to get a fashion degree?

How long does it take to get a fashion degree?

March 22, 2023

Budget around 3 years’ worth of time invested into getting a fashion degree, and reap the rewards of your investment with a career in one of the world’s most exciting industries.

If you choose to study an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Management) degree, the three years includes up to 600 hours of real-life work experience at a suitable industry partner through the ICMS WIL program.

This means your time investment gets you started on your fashion career while still a student through networking and making all the right connections.

These are the steps you need to take to get a fashion degree from ICMS*:

Step 1: Complete your First Year

1st Year = 3 trimesters (each 13 weeks each), with 4 subjects per trimester.

Enjoy O-Week festivities, settle in to campus life at either the Northern Beaches Campus on at the City Campus in the heart of bustling Sydney CBD.

Watch Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) Program Manager Nicole Venter explain what the ICMS degree is all about, and what you can expect from the multi-facetted course.

Step 2: Impress your future employers

2nd Year = 2 x trimesters on industry placement (WIL) of 600 hours each. You will also complete one trimester (13 weeks) of 4 subjects.

With ICMS’ extensive list of industry partners, your WIL is part of your degree

ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Management) student Annabella Lewis (pictured) secured a WIL internship at Fendi, a brand synonymous with luxury. An Italian company founded almost a century ago, it was taken over by LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE) in recent years.

Lewis’ role at Fendi was as assistant to the Head of Visual Merchandising for Australia. She helped with maintaining merchandising standards in the boutiques, administration and planning for product launches, and setting up and maintaining the merchandising of new product launches.

“Having been interested in the field of visual merchandising for a long time, my placement with Fendi has really helped to confirm for me that visual merchandising is what I want to do,” she said.

“I was always interested in fashion and wanted some kind of related career, however the design side of things did not appeal to my skill set. When I heard about the ICMS Fashion degree it seemed to align exactly with what I was looking for, encompassing both my interest in fashion and the more practical business aspect. My industry placement at Fendi has really confirmed for me that I am on the right path to the career I want.”

Other industry partners include:

Under Armour


Juju & Co



Halation Agency

Budgy Smuggler

Gandhi Creations

Vine Apparel

And more!

Step 3: Wrap up your professional qualification with electives suited to your career direction

3rd Year = 2 x Trimesters (13 weeks each), with 4 subjects per trimester.

This is your final year of studies and where you really figure out how you want your degree to position you professionally.

By this point you would have chosen fashion specialisation subjects which, combined with core business subjects and electives from other specialisations, will mean you have a degree unique to you and your career goals.*

Here are examples of specialisation subjects focus on building key industry skills and knowledge in fashion areas:

  • Introduction to the Fashion and Retail Industry (FBM101A)
  • Styling and Creative Direction (FBM102A)
  • Brand Management and Product Innovation (FBM201A)
  • Fashion Planning and Buying (FBM202A)
  • Retail Strategy and Operations (FBM301A)
  • Visual Merchandising and Design (FBM302A)

It may take a while to get a fashion degree, but once you have that formal qualification professional doors open that much quicker.

Why it’s worth taking the time to get a fashion degree

By the third year of your degree you will have valuable experience on your CV, and will most likely be negotiating your fulltime placement post-graduation.

How confident is ICMS of this? At the November 2022 ICMS Graduation, an internal graduate survey of 140 students (out of the 260 cohort) confirmed that 100% of ICMS international graduates had a job, and 98% of ICMS graduates had a job at the time of the survey.

Take it from ICMS alumna Monique Marsh, who graduated with an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) degree in 2020.

Monique landed an incredible role as Brand Partnerships Manager at The Archive Place, which is an e-commerce contemporary fashion outlet housing brands such as Hansen and Gretel, Free People and Matteau.

Monique chose to study at ICMS because of the practicality of the degree.

“I appreciated being able to gain a business degree while also allowing myself to be creative with the fashion aspects. You don’t find this type of degree anywhere else in Sydney!”

The blend of core business subjects, together with fashion specialisation subjects is what makes the Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) at ICMS unique.

“It’s not entirely fashion focused, which could have narrowed down the use of my degree upon graduation,” Monique pointed out.

“This bachelor degree is so flexible. It had the potential to take me down different pathways, while studying my passion,” she added.

What career options are open to you once you have completed a fashion-focused degree?

There is a growing demand for qualified graduates within the Australian fashion and retail sector. An ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management), together with your Industry Training, will see you ready for an impressive career in fashion.

Your future career opportunities could include:

  •         Fashion Planner
  •         Fashion Buyer
  •         Fashion Marketing Manager
  •         Brand Manager
  •         Digital Marketer
  •         Visual Merchandiser
  •         Retail Manager
  •         Brand Strategist
  •         Product Development Manager
  •         e-Commerce Manager
  •         Retail Strategy and Operations
  •         And more!

For more information on the ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management), click here.

* This is a Sample Study pattern. Individual study patterns may vary.


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