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Masterclasses, ICMS TV and WeMentor on TikTok: ICMS Brings Industry Connections to YOU

Masterclasses, ICMS TV and WeMentor on TikTok: ICMS Brings Industry Connections to YOU

May 25, 2023

Our connections are your connections, and there are many ways in which ICMS connects you to our over 1000 industry partners and industry experts.

Masterclasses, ICMS TV and ICMS WeMentor on TikTok are just three ways in which you can learn from industry leaders over and above your interactions with them at ICMS networking events and on campus.

This is all part of the ICMS The Professional Mentor ethos embedded in the ICMS ethos, aimed at supporting students in professional and personal growth.

ICMS Masterclasses

ICMS Masterclasses are held on campus regularly and offer invaluable opportunities for students to engage with their preferred industries, establish connections, and learn from industry leaders.

Via the Q&A type panel discussion, students are able to pick the brains of the best – find out how they established themselves, built their brand, and listen to advice offered on how they can do the same.

Professional development is valued and enhanced through these offerings, all essential for enhancing employability and career progression post-graduation.

With ICMS Masterclasses, students can stand on the shoulders of giants who have paved the way before them.

Some of the recent Masterclasses have included:

Keep an eye on the ICMS Events page to find out when the next ICMS Masterclass will be held. They are free and a great opportunity to learn from industry leaders, connect and network.

ICMS on TikTok with WeMentor

With bite-sized videos showcasing fresh and crisp advice from industry experts, ICMS’ TikTok channel ICMSWeMentor is designed to help students connect with the people dominating their industries and changing the world.

From entrepreneurs to CEOs, business founders and industry experts, influential leaders in their corporate fields share what took them to the top, from the bottom up.

Aimed at ICMS students and the TikTok community, ICMSWeMentor defines the ICMS maxim: Our Connections are Your Connections and Our Network is Your Network.

ICMSWeMentor is putting the ICMS Professional Mentor philosophy in action, passing on advice and insights from experts as a service free of charge. Competitions and giveaways are an added bonus to the priceless advice within the exclusive content.

Covering everything from how to network like a boss, starting a business from scratch, to the science behind retail and more, whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur or a professional, ICMSWeMentor is the perfect place to level up your mindset, land that dream career, and build your business.

Follow ICMS WeMentor on TikTok here.

Follow ICMS on other platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.


ICMS TV is a one-stop channel for all ICMS’ live and playback industry and specialisation focused video content.

There is compelling footage of local and international industry icons such as:

  • Cameron Smith: NRL legend and GOAT Cameron Smith on his Sport Industry Success
  • Neil Perry: Famous chef, restaurateur, author, television presenter and highly successful business owner, on resilience and adapting to challenges during the course of your career
  • Alex Perry:  Icon on the Australian fashion scene on working your way to the top
  • P.E Nation founders Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning share their top business tips from their journey to success in the creative and ever-changing fashion industry
  • STAX founders Don Robertson and Matilda Murray on the rapid rise of their highly sought after activewear brand STAX.
  • Mark Bouris: Australian business legend and mentor on how to recognise your potential and use it to reach personal and professional success
  • Simon Fenn: Cushman and Wakefield CEO on how to close a multi-million-dollar property deal
  • Christian Dior Couture: Boutique Director of luxury fashion brand, Mr Christopher Watney.

ICMS TV is part of the ICMS professional mentor ecosystem, supporting you through your student journey so you can meet your professional goals.

“At ICMS, we have so many experts in our community and when they share their experiences, we capture these moments and want to share it with our future and current students and alumni for continuous learning and inspiration,” ICMS CEO Rowan Courtney-O’Connor said.

To watch ICMS TV, click here.