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Exploring Global Business Resilience: UMN MBA Students visit ICMS

Exploring Global Business Resilience: UMN MBA Students visit ICMS

May 23, 2024

University of Minnesota MBA students and faculty recently visited the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) to explore global business concepts with ICMS faculty and MBA students.

The event in May 2024 took place at the ICMS Northern Beaches campus, showcasing the partnership between the two schools as UMN MBA students visited ICMS for the second time.

Important topics like international trade, supply chain management, and cyber security, were discussed as challenges for business leaders today.

UMN MBA students, ranging from 26 to 55 years old, were joined by ICMS Master’s students, bringing a mix of professional backgrounds and perspectives. Together, they explored the complexities of global business resilience in the digital age.

A Warm Welcome and Insightful Conversations

The day started with a friendly welcome as the UMN group arrived at ICMS’s Manly campus, enjoying the beautiful views of Sydney harbour.

After introductions, the students had the opportunity to speak with ICMS President Rowan Courtney O’Connor.

“It’s a privilege to have international guests here and to continue to grow this global engagement initiative,” Courtney-O’Connor said.

Engaging Panels and Expert Insights

A notable part of the morning was when American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (NSW) General Manager Doug Grant shared valuable insights on the trade history and current relationship between the US and Australia.

“Mr Grant highlighted the value of trade and investment with Australia and emphasised the uniqueness of our mutual alliances,” American student George Charles said.

Fellow student Matt Lynch was interested in the cultural similarities and differences between the US and Australia.

“I was interested in the cultural uniqueness of Australia and how we could adapt that to American needs, for example, in the innovative approaches developed due to physical isolation.”

  • Read more insights from General Manager of American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (NSW) Doug Grant here.

Panel Discussion: Global Business Resilience in the Digital Era

An engaging panel discussion, led by Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Heidi Le Sueur, dived into the complexities of global business resilience in an uncertain digital era.


Darryl Courtney O’Connor highlighted how the Australian business world values performance, stating, “you are judged on your last performance.” He also shared concerns about possible excessive regulations.

Rowan Courtney O’Connor talked about how the long Australian border closures have affected the education sector and skilled migration.

Dr Heidi Le Sueur stressed the importance of building connections to bring about change, while Doug Grant promised that the Chamber of Commerce would stay committed to bipartisan involvement, even if there were changes in government.

During the panel Q & A session, Rowan Courtney-O’Connor was asked about how ICMS differentiates itself in Australia from other higher education institutions. He explained that ICMS offers “an American-style college experience”, and highlighted the strengths of diversity from both a business perspective and for cultural enrichment. “The diversity of our students is our strength; we don’t rely on recruiting students from one major marketplace,” he said. He added that the ICMS Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program integrated into all degrees as a key factor in their success, contributing to high employability rates. Darryl Courtney-O’Connor pointed out that ICMS employs many staff overseas and does not rely heavily on agencies to reach and assist prospective international students. Dr Le Seuer added that Learning and Teaching at ICMS focuses on global engagement, providing students with a truly global education.

Interactive Workshops and Networking Opportunities

Students engaged in hands-on workshops led by ICMS experts Dr Reenu Maskey and Dr Patrick Shearman.

The workshops centered on protecting supply chains and improving global cyber resilience.

Future Collaborations

As the day ended, reflections were shared, goodbyes were said, marking the end of a valuable experience.

The visit increased students’ knowledge of global business and built lasting relationships between the University of Minnesota and ICMS, setting the stage for future partnerships.

“This is the second visit to beautiful ICMS and we thank the faculty and organisers for a really great day of insights into the Australian global business landscape,” Stacy Deeper-Hove, Director of the Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations program at the University of Minnesota, said.

In summary, the University of Minnesota MBA students’ visit to ICMS was valuable, enhancing their knowledge of global business and strengthening ties between the two schools for possible future partnerships.

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